100 electric buses run with minimal grid connection

Electrified bus fleet

At Schiphol Airport, we charge 100 vehicles from the bus company Connexxion with an average of 10 MWh per day. With ChargePilot®, the charging process is so efficient that only around 20 percent of the 5 MW grid connection needs to be utilized and paid for.

Connexxion Logo
    Vision: Zero emissions in public transport by 2025
    Company size: Around 8,000 employees
    Fleet size: 100 electric buses and shuttle buses
    Location: Schiphol Airport, Netherlands
    User groups: Airline Passengers
    Conditions: Extremely high visitor traffic, varying operating ranges of buses, grid connection with 5 MW
The goal

Cleverly distributing 10 MWh for 100 E-buses

The Dutch bus company Connexxion, one of the largest electric bus fleets in Europe, has come to rely on the smart Charging and Energy Management System ChargePilot®. The challenge for this company is the extremely high volume of visitors at its Schiphol Airport location: on an average day, 10 MWh flow into the batteries of 100 vehicles.

Our solution

Smart charging with up to 450 kW

ChargePilot®, the charging and energy management system, is perfectly suited for the bus company Connexxion:

  • Transparent: ChargePilot monitors the status of the charging infrastructure in real time to guarantee a reliable operation.
  • Measurable: Energy consumption and peak performance can be viewed and downloaded in the history at any time. 
  • Economically efficient: The "load management" module prevents expensive peak loads, keeping operating costs to a minimum. The system has demonstrated that it also significantly reduces investment costs when setting up new locations
  • Viable for the future: Additional buses and charging points from different manufacturers can be integrated into the system.

"We are excited about our cooperation with The Mobility House, which supports us as a knowledgeable expert in charging and energy management. With their product ChargePilot, we can efficiently charge and operate our fleet of electric busses and also have flexibility when expanding."

Josh Carmichael,

Project Manager Zero Emission

Success story

Hundreds of thousands of euros in cost savings

ChargePilot® is so efficient that the company only uses and pays for about 20 percent of the 5 MW that are available from the power connection. This way several hundred thousand euros in service charges are saved.

Busunternehmen Connexxion am Flughafen Schiphol


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