Intelligent charging on a grand scale

Ladelösung für die Mainzer Stadtwerke
Intelligent charging on a grand scale

Parts of the underground parking garage with a total of 200 parking spaces were gradually equipped with intelligent charging infrastructure. With ChargePilot®, we were able to save €80,000 on network expansion costs and up to €50,000 in annual power fees.

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    Location: Mainz
    Period of time: 6 month
    Our Services: Concept | Charging Infrastructure | Operation

The goal
Electric cars on 200 parking spaces

To quickly and reliably charge their own fleet of vehicles - and the electric vehicles of the employees at their administrative office - Mainzer Stadtwerke, the Mainz municipal utility company, successively equipped parts of its underground carpark with smart charging infrastructure. In total, 200 parking spaces were electrified. Implementing the project required a future-proof technology that would prevent overloading of the grid expansion in the later stages of the development. It also needed to offer the possibility of integrating an invoicing system.

Our solution
Using the existing grid connection

At the Mainz site, the network environment would soon have reached its limits because of the additional load on the charging stations without any load management. However, our analysis revealed that the intelligent charging and energy management ChargePilot® works well with the infrastructure.

Success story
A pragmatic and cost-effective solution

For Mainzer Stadtwerke not only the broad information and product range of The Mobility House is very interesting, but also the fact that ChargePilot® is vendor-independent and modularly scalable. Intelligent charging makes it possible, for example, to make better use of existing energy reserves at a certain point in time.

"Our partnership with The Mobility House will allow us to take a pragmatic, flexible approach on our journey towards an e - mobile future. Customers are our focus, and working with TMH allows us to implement custom solutions."

Dr. Sandra Schmidt,

Managing Director of Mainzer Stadtwerke

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