Porto Santo: The first emission-free island

Auto fährt auf Porto Santo
Porto Santo

Together with Groupe Renault and EEM in Porto Santo, we have realised the world's first project where the three forms of flexibility - smart charging, vehicle-to-grid and second-life battery storage - are intelligently controlled by a central software platform.

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    Vision: Pilot project for emission-free cities of tomorrow
    Location: Porto Santo, Portuguese island
    Size and population: 42 km², around 5,500 residents and 20,000 tourists
    Conditions: Electricity previously often from diesel generators, mild, dry climate, an average of 10 hours of sunshine per day
    Milestones: Electricity generation through wind (1.1 MW) and PV systems (2 MW), electric cars as energy storage, second-life batteries as additional storage, 40 bidirectional charging stations
    Project start: 2018
The project

A paradigm of energy revolution

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"An entire CO2-free island” is the goal of the joint project by Groupe Renault and the local energy provider Empresade Electricidadeda Madeira S.A. (EEM). By making use of photovoltaics, wind power, electric vehicles and second-life batteries, the Portuguese island of Porto Santo wants to become a smart, fossil-free island.

Our solution

Renewable electricity meets V2G and Second-Life

To make that a reality, we developed the charging and energy management system with a smart marketplace. This optimizes the interaction between conventional electric cars, secondlife stationary storages and bidirectional electric vehicles (Vehicle-toGrid, V2G)

"To us, Porto Santo is a laboratory where we can discover how the electric revolution will change our daily life outside of transportation."

Eric Feunteun,

Program Director Renault EV Global

Illustration of the EV battery project in Porto Santo
Success story

A smart electric ecosystem

The project was successfully completed at the end of 2022 and handed over to the responsible energy provider and partner Empresa de Electricidade da Madeira S.A.(EEM).

Over the course of four years, we were able to gain important insights into the interaction of different players in the energy system by building the island's smart electrical ecosystem and actually increase the use of renewable energy sources by operating the networked system. These insights are being applied in the further development of our technologies.


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