Dorfkrug Hotels

A hotel chain convinces its guests with three modern fast charging points.

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Project Facts


1 hotel parking lot

Charging stations:

3 DC quick-charging stations à 24 kW

Services by The Mobility House:

Installation | Implementation

Period of time: 

6 months

Additional service:

Software for monitoring the charging stations and public invoicing

Baseline situation

In order to satisfy the needs of guests at Dorfkrug Hotels, and to create new commercial opportunities, The Mobility House installed a charging infrastructure for electric cars at Dorfkrug’s Büsum hotel in Germany. The three powerful direct-current charging stations can be used by both hotel guests and conference guests to charge their vehicles as needed, whether they are staying for an extended period or only briefly. Listing the facilities in public charging station maps and offering invoicing for the public also creates additional income potential.

Solution by The Mobility House

Advantages of the quick charging stations from The Mobility House

  • Image: The quick-charging stations play an active role in protecting the environment and make a positive impression on the guests
  • Economical: The charging infrastructure paid for itself in a short time by attracting additional hotel guests and through additional income from electricity sales. .
  • Scalable:  If demand increases, additional charging stations can be incorporated into the system at later stages of development. 
  • Transparent:  The backend allows the charging sessions at all locations to be monitored and invoiced by a single system

The charging stations that were installed have been highly beneficial for us because the demand for charging infrastructure is constantly increasing. The Mobility House has been an outstanding partner. They supported us during the entire process, from conception to installation, with their collective expertise and straightforward support. 

Leif Buchholz - Dorfkrug Hotels