A coal-fired power plant becomes a spare parts store for vehicle batteries

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Project facts

Worldwide first battery storage for spare part batteries 

1,363 Daimler batteries(60% 1st-/ 40% 2nd-life)


17.1 MW power, 18 MWh storage capacity

Together, all the storage units in the pool provide primary control power

The cooperation partners Mercedes-Benz Energy, a Daimler subsidiary, GETEC ENERGIE, Enervie and The Mobility House have commissioned another innovative battery storage unit in 2018 in Elverlingsen. A large part of the batteries used in this system serves as a "living spare part storage" for the current smart electric drive fleet. For the usability of the batteries, they must be charged and discharged gently on a regular basis anyhow. The technology of The Mobility House ensures this and moreover, the batteries can generate revenues in the energy market.

Special features of the project

• Important station for the future-oriented further development of technologies and communication between vehicle batteries and the power grid

• Intelligent technology from The Mobility House controls the gentle and targeted charging and discharging of the battery storage

• Efficient dual use of battery systems improves the environmental footprint and lifecycle costs of electric mobility

We are very pleased about the fact that our recently closed coal fired power plant built in 1912 now becomes a milestone of the energy transition.

Erich Höhne - Director Enervie Group

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