Porto Santo

Software by The Mobility House makes a complete island CO2-free

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Project facts

 Charging and energy management marketplace platform by The Mobility House controls smart charging

Integrated energy — EV batteries help to integrate renewable energies and reduce the load on the grid

22 electric vehicles and two stationary storage systems provide flexibility 


40 smart charging stations, 2 of themare bidirectional with AC

“An entire CO2-free island” is the goal of the joint project by Groupe Renault and the local energy provider Empresade Electricidadeda Madeira S.A. (EEM). By making use of photovoltaics, wind power, electric vehicles and second-life batteries, the Portuguese island of Porto Santo wants to become a smart, fossil-free island. To make that a reality, The Mobility House developed the charging and energy management system with a smart marketplace. This optimizes the interaction between conventional electric cars, secondlife stationary storages and bidirectional electric vehicles (Vehicle-toGrid, V2G)

Special features of the project

  • The first project in the world in which the three forms of flexibility —smart charging, Vehicle-to-Grid and second-life stationary storage —are intelligently controlled from a central software platform 
  • With the ability to return the energy from their batteries to the power grid, bidirectional electric vehicles contribute to stabilization of the power grid 
  • Technology reduces the need for expensive power from diesel generators, prevents the need for grid expansion and increases the proportion of renewable energies being used

To us, Porto Santo is a laboratory where we can discover how the electric revolution will change our daily life outside of transportation.

Eric Feunteun - Program Director Renault EV Global

The project at a glance


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