The Mobility House is celebrating its 10th anniversary

10 years of working towards an emission-free future

It all started in 2009: Thomas Raffeiner had a vision. What if there were a way to take advantage of the potential of parked electric cars? To make them available to the energy industry as mobile batteries, where they could help to meet the growing need for storage? The Mobility House concept was born.

Much has changed since then. In just ten years, The Mobility House has developed into an European market leader in the electric mobility sector. Together with our renowned partners, we have completed numerous pioneering projects in the fields of smart charging, Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) and energy storage. Today, more than 140 employees in three locations are working on the CO2-free mobility and energy development of the future — and helping to make that vision a reality.

Passionately dedicated to the energy and electric-drive revolutions:

We’re celebrating 10 years of working towards an emission-free future.

»We are incredibly proud of what we have achieved in the past ten years. We have proven that, with our work and our international team, we are on the right path and coming closer and closer to our vision of an emission-free world of energy and mobility«

Thomas Raffeiner

Founder of The Mobility House

Milestones on our way

smart charging

Charge Pilot - Smart Charging 

2014: Development of the software architecture begins

2018: Launch of the charging and energy management system with pilot customers

2019: Integration of the backend system from OEMs and network operators

2019: 100+stomers. Rebranded to Charge Pilot


Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G)

2015: Renault and The Mobility House test the smart charging process: A fleet of 10 Renault Zoes is successfully charged on a time-controlled basis while responding to price fluctuations on the energy market.

2018: A quasi-stationary Nissan Leaf prequalifies as a large power station under the German Transmission System Operators' guidelines.

2018: Pilot project on Porto Santo: intelligent software from The Mobility House makes the world's first CO2-free island possible.


Energy Storage

2016: Lünen: Worldwide largest second-life battery storage

2018: First spare part storage for vehicle batteries

2018: Johan Cruijff ArenA: Multi-use storage within Amsterdam's main stadium

2019: EUREF-Campus: Real-life laboratory for the energy transition

2019: Advanced battery storage: Container storage system for industry and grid operators

Get to know us - our corporate video

This is The Mobility House

Über The Mobility HouseÜber The Mobility House

founded in 2009

Über The Mobility HouseÜber The Mobility House

250+ employees

Über The Mobility HouseÜber The Mobility House

Munich, Zurich, Belmont (CA)

Über The Mobility HouseÜber The Mobility House

110.000+ charging solutions sold

Über The Mobility HouseÜber The Mobility House

5+ years V2G projects experience in Europe

Über The Mobility HouseÜber The Mobility House

100+ MWh stationary (1st- and 2nd-use) batteries in operation/ development

Our team: we couldn’t do it without them

We owe a large part of our success to our employees. Many of them have been with us from the very beginning, while others have only joined us recently. But whether they are old-timers or newcomers, our colleagues are our most valuable resource. They all have our sincere thanks. Because progress is only possible with the right team.