ChargePilot Operator Terms of Service



Contact details  
The Mobility House Support  
+1 (650) 232-4200  
[email protected]


OTA Updates for function enhancement & troubleshooting  


Warranty Hardware Components  
24 months  
from date of purchase



Support services


Support hours  
Mon-Fri 8:00am-6:00pm Pacific*


Response time in the event of an error message from the partner  
next working day


Remote system monitoring & troubleshooting  
24/7 technical operation and active remote monitoring of ChargePilot and connected charging points inclusive


24/7 Remote troubleshooting measures  
within 4 hours


Notification via email if remote troubleshooting measures are not successful  
within 4 hours



Software Troubleshooting**


48 hours


72 hours


as soon as possible



On-site troubleshooting


Spare parts service for TMH ChargePilot hardware components  
delivered to site within 5 working days


Technician on-site appointment  
Remote support  
Lead time: 5 working days



*Excludes Holidays

**Prerequisite: Error is demonstrably and/or reproducibly attributable to ChargePilot





ChargePilot Operator Terms of Service


These Terms of Service are an agreement between the partner and The Mobility House LLC 545 Harbor Blvd. Belmont, California 94002 hereinafter also TMH. The agreement regulates the operation of ChargePilot by The Mobility House (TMH).


The agreed services for ChargePilot are defined in this document, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Not included is the service for the charging stations, the electrical installation and the customer’s own communication network.



1. Description of TMH services

1.1 24/7 technical operation and active remote monitoring
Through active remote monitoring, the software, the connection and availability of ChargePilot and the connected charging stations are monitored 24/7 by a dedicated service team.


1.2 Remote troubleshooting Remote troubleshooting includes all services that do not require an on-site visit by a technician or software adjustments in the event of a fault. This also includes the restart of individual components and charging stations. The partner is notified via alerts in the ChargePilot web portal as well as via email if a fault cannot be rectified by the previously mentioned measures.


1.3 Remote support for on-site troubleshooting Remote support for on-site troubleshooting is required if remote troubleshooting or software troubleshooting measures are not successful. Includes written and telephone remote support which must be completed within the defined response time.


1.4 Reporting and handling of errors The response time begins with the receipt of the error message including a detailed description of the error message as well as the error time by the customer/partner via email to TMH.

Within the specified response time, the customer/Partner will receive a qualified statement from a TMH employee, if possible, including an assessment of the severity of the error and information on how to proceed.

In the case of faults in connection with limited or no usability, a distinction is made according to the following criteria
Critical: Charging at charging stations connected to the ChargePilot is not possible.
Medium: Charging at the charging stations connected to the ChargePilot is only possible to a limited extent. (Charging and energy management function is not available, but charging is possible, if necessary in fallback mode with reduced power).
Low: Charging at charging stations connected to the ChargePilot is possible with slight restrictions. (Charging and energy management function is available, but one or more product components do not respond fully or respond slowly).

The classification of the report according to the above classifications is carried out by TMH staff on the basis of the customer’s / partner’s problem description.

If no on-site appointment is required, the guaranteed functions will be made available again within the defined period for remote recovery. The starting point for this time limit is the acknowledgement of the error message via the aforementioned communication channels and a concrete classification of the error as a demonstrable and/or reproducible software error of ChargePilot by TMH. The end point of this period is the resolution of the error.

After expiry of the warranty, the customer/Partner shall bear the costs for the replacement of the components, unless otherwise agreed in writing.



2. General maintenance

For periodic, planned or unplanned maintenance work on the systems that is necessary to maintain and ensure the safety of ongoing operations or to carry out updates or upgrades, maintenance windows will be announced with a reasonable period of notice. Maintenance work will be announced via a message in the ChargePilot web portal with a lead time of at least four hours.

Any impairment of availability due to such necessary work is not defined as downtime as long as it lasts less than 15 minutes. The temporal sum of impairments lasting more than 15 consecutive minutes may not exceed a duration of 48 hours per year. Corresponding maintenance work will be announced via the ChargePilot web portal with a lead time of at least four hours. Should updates lead to stabilisation of the system or error prevention, TMH is entitled to discontinue the services agreed in the modules purchased if the Partner refuses or prevents the updates.



3. Interface maintenance

TMH is responsible for the maintenance, further development and availability of the purchased interfaces to third party backends (e.g. TMH API, OCPP Proxy), including regular regression tests. TMH is only responsible for the part of the interface that is also provided by TMH. Errors, adjustments and support due to changes or failures of the interface partner are not the responsibility of TMH.



4. Duties of the partner

The Partner is the first point of contact and the direct point of contact for the end customer. It is the Partner’s responsibility to deal with any ChargePilot-related errors using the ChargePilot service instructions provided by TMH and to make all attempts to resolve the error in accordance with the error pattern.

If the error persists despite the prescribed measures carried out by the Partner, the Partner will contact TMH via the defined e-mail address, including a precise description of the error and the measures carried out to date. The Partner shall support TMH to a reasonable extent in analyzing and rectifying the error.

Should an on-site appointment be necessary for the rectification of the error, its organization and implementation shall be the Partner’s responsibility.

The Partner is obliged to provide a permanent internet connection during operation. In addition, the Partner must ensure that all necessary ports are enabled. TMH shall not assume any liability for damage, disruptions or operational restrictions due to a lack of Internet connection or failure of the mobile network.

In addition, the Partner shall inform TMH in the event of foreseeable disruptions to the system (e.g. maintenance work) and shall discuss changes to the system structure with TMH prior to execution (e.g. changes to the electrical infrastructure, the communication network or installation of new charging stations).