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ChargePilot® is the smart charging and energy management system that charges your electric vehicles in the most reliable, easy and affordable way possible.

Why ChargePilot®

Peak shaving with ChargePilot®
These companies trust us to charge their fleets

ChargePilot® allows you to

Load management enables savings of 30 to 70 percent

Charge affordably

Distribute the available charging power to your electric vehicles in the best way possible with ChargePilot® to avoid expensive peak loads or utility upgrades.

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Choose confidently

Integrate different charging station brands, link AC and DC stations, and connect ChargePilot® to other systems.


Trust fully

Rely on ChargePilot® for reliable performance with the highest safety standards, guaranteed uptime, and maximum data security.

Control remotely

Manage the charging process across multiple locations from the convenience of absolutely anywhere with ChargePilot®.

Grow flexibly

Expand your fleet of electric vehicles to suit your individual needs thanks to the modular and interoperable technology of ChargePilot®.

Plan the future

Be prepared for the tech of tomorrow (V2G, V2X, Plug & Charge and more) with ChargePilot®.

ChargePilot® delivers results

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System architecture

Locally integrated. Intelligently networked.

The ChargePilot® controller is a small piece of hardware, installed on site. It establishes the data connection between charging points, the mains connection and other site loads (e.g. a building's electricity load) and controls the charging energy flows in real time. All the data is sent to the cloud – the ChargePilot® backend – which you can easily and conveniently access from the web portal.


How ChargePilot® is integrated

The ChargePilot® ecosystem includes numerous hardware, software, and integration partners.


What do ChargePilot® users have to say

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Saved $1M in avoided capital expenditure and $10,000/month in operating costs from energy bill.

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Saving the district a projected $500,000 over five years in charging costs.

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4.35 MW

Largest capacity bus charging depot in the US when installed.

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Features and modules

What ChargePilot® can do

Individually selectable modules allow you to adapt ChargePilot® to your needs. This keeps you flexible for future applications.

We’re here if you need support

We believe that user training is essential to ensure that you can confidently operate your smart charging system with ChargePilot®. But our commitment to you doesn’t end there.

24/7 active remote monitoring

We monitor your ChargePilot® charging stations 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to identify and resolve errors as they occur.

10/5 support hotline

Our Support Team is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. to help you with technically operating your charging sites.

Always up to date

The ongoing updates to your ChargePilot® charging and energy management system guarantee smooth operation and new possibilities on your way to the mobility of the future.

Start smart charging today.

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ChargePilot® for your customers

The most advanced charging and energy management system is fully interoperable and ready to integrate.