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Our goal is to provide you with a sustainable, cost-optimized charging solution for your buses. That is why we focus on a comprehensive approach for your charging infrastructure, from conception to operation.

Vorteile für LogistikflottenVorteile für Logistikflotten


We aim to maximize time and cost efficiency for your electric school bus fleet, while ensuring timely pickup and drop-off of students. 

Vorteile für Elektrobus-FlottenVorteile für Elektrobus-Flotten

Multi-Unit Dwellings

We support you in planning electrical installation and choosing the right charging station, as well as in integrating a load management system.

Benefits for Utilities & Energy ProvidersBenefits for Utilities & Energy Providers


Our goal is to ensure cost efficient scalability for your fleet of vehicles. 


How can I monitor the charging processes in my depot?

In the ChargePilot Web Portal you can monitor all charging processes in real-time and check the status information of individual charging stations at any time. In the menu item "Activities" you can also get a detailed overview of past charging processes and export them as CSV files.

Is it possible to control bidirectional charging processes with ChargePilot?

ChargePilot has been specifically developed to meet not only the current, but also future mobility needs. In 2019, we successfully completed testing the necessary functions and protocols (ISO 15118-20) for controlling bidirectional charging processes. Bidirectional charging in general is already possible, at least for local Vehicle-to-Home (V2H) applications. With regard to Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) applications, we believe that legislation will not be ready until 2023.