Charging Simulations

Before you build, our team of data analysts can help determine the best possible design for your site.

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Analyze your charging needs

The Mobility House provides optimized charging and infrastructure recommendations, based on simulations that use your actual site specifications as inputs, and using our proprietary fleet Charging and Energy Management (CEM) algorithms.

How much will you save with charge management?

Uncover how our tailored charge management strategies can cut your fleet's electrification costs. We consider various factors like scheduling, electrical constraints, local rates, and vendor preferences to provide cost-effective solutions. Our simulations demonstrate potential savings, reduced installation costs with ChargePilot®'s smart charging, and integration with on-site solar, battery storage, or generators for resilience and cost optimization.

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Capture additional value with Vehicle-to-Grid

Get a detailed roadmap for integrating your fleet vehicle charging into the grid with Vehicle-To-Grid (“V2G”) technology. Combine your smart charging with on-site solar, battery storage, or generators for a microgrid solution to optimize cost and ensure resilient operations.

Customer Stories

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268 kW

total nameplate charger capacity installed in the Bronx, NY where the maximum load limit prescribed by the utility provider is 80 kW.

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Matt Berlin, CEO of NYCSBUS, speaks on the project during an announcement event at the Zerega depot site.


average miles driven per day shuttling passengers to and from the San Diego Airport. $16,000 savings estimated per year versus unmanaged charging

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ACE Parking Charing stations at the San Diego Air Port
1. Analyze

We utilize a proprietary Python-based simulation tool that mimics our Charge Management System (CMS) algorithms to determine the optimal charging behavior for fleets based on vehicle duty cycles, local utility rates, and onsite electrical restrictions.

2. Plan

Our team of Data Analysts develop optimized charging strategies, operational recommendations, and cost savings estimates based on your fleet's unique characteristics.

3. Evaluate

Compare multiple types of EVSE charging equipment, consider various scenarios, and integrate factors such as on-site energy generation into your planning and assumptions.

How it works

A Charging Simulation is the ideal starting point for a fleet operator embarking on a charging infrastructure project.

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