About Us 

The Mobility House is a young and dynamic technology company whose goal is to drive on the transition to the use of sustainable energy sources.


The goal of The Mobility House is to create a zero-emission energy and mobility future. Our technology platform enables the integration of vehicle batteries into the power grid using intelligent charging, energy and storage solutions. This way, we promote the development of renewables, stabilize the power grid and make electric mobility more affordable.

We were founded in 2009 and operate globally from our Munich, Zurich and Sunnyvale (CA) offices, serving customers in over 10 countries. These include leading automotive manufacturers, fleet operators, installation companies, energy suppliers and electric car drivers.




thomas raffeiner

 “Electric mobility provides new opportunities for the energy transition. At The Mobility House, we are seizing these opportunities. Smart charging is just the beginning. Our vehicle-to-grid technology and stationary storage systems are set to revolutionize the world of energy, helping turn our vision of an emission-free future into a reality.”

Thomas Raffeiner
Founder and CEO, The Mobility House

Über The Mobility HouseÜber The Mobility House

founded in 2009

Über The Mobility HouseÜber The Mobility House

140+ employees

Über The Mobility HouseÜber The Mobility House

Munich, Zurich, Belmont (CA)

Über The Mobility HouseÜber The Mobility House

40.000+ verkaufte Ladelösungen

Über The Mobility HouseÜber The Mobility House

5+ years V2G projects experience in Europe

Über The Mobility HouseÜber The Mobility House

100+ MWh stationary (1st- and 2nd-use) batteries in operation/ development

Explore our world of technology

Smart Charging

You need to charge 10, 20, 50 or more vehicles simultaneously? Our Charging & Energy Management ensures that it happens at lowest cost.


What if the energy stored in your vehicle battery could be returned to the grid in times of increased energy demand?

We implement solutions for uni- and bidirectional charging, also known as Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) and Vehicle-to-Home (V2H) to stabilize the power grid.

Energy Storage

To meet the growing demand for energy storage, we implement vehicle battery-based commercial and industrial storage solutions.

Our technology integrates batteries with the power grid. Controlled and bidirectional charging are our key competences.