Consulting Services

We help fleet managers assess their charging infrastructure needs and ensure that costs are minimized while operations are optimized.


Fleet and Charging Analysis

Using our proprietary fleet charging and energy management algorithms, The Mobility House provides optimized charging and infrastructure recommendations to our customers. Our team ensures that all fleet scheduling requirements, onsite electrical limitations, local utility rates, available incentives and vendor preferences are prioritized to provide the lowest cost solution. To learn more about our ChargePilot Solution and algorithms, visit our software page.

Distributed Energy Resources Evaluation

We work closely with our customers to help prepare their electrification plans for the future. The Mobility House team provides our customers a detailed vehicle-grid-integration roadmap including recommendations and expected revenues for enrolling your electric fleet in various energy market activities including Wholesale Energy Trading, Frequency Regulation Services and Demand Response Programs. Jointly with our partners we can provide recommendations on charging requirements when pairing with onsite solar PV, battery storage or generators for a microgrid solution to optimize for both costs and operations.

What can we help you with?

How many charging stations do I need?

Which charging stations suit my needs best?

Which and how many electric vehicles can be electrified?

How can I keep costs low?

Do I need a charging and energy management system?

How does a future-ready and smart solution look like?

How to master the installation process?

Can I use my PV system to charge the electric vehicles?

Can I include a stationary battery into my charging environment?

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