Our current EVSE integrations and offerings

These chargers have been tested and integrated with ChargePilot.

ABB DC Chargers

DC Charging Stations

Terra DC Wallbox 24 kW

Terra 54HV 50 kW

Terra 124 (1 x 120 kW or 2 x 60 kW)

Depot Charger - HVC150-C with up to 3 depot boxes

Opportunity Charging Stations

HVC450-Pantograph Down - 450 kW

BTCPower AC and DC Charging Stations

AC Level 2 Charging Stations

30A Single Port Pedestal

30A Dual Port Pedestal

30A Single Port Wall Mount

30A Dual Port Wall Mount

70A Single Port Pedestal

70A Single Port w/ DC V2G

DC Charging Stations

50 KW DC Fast Charger - CCS1 & CHAdeMO - 480VAC/208VAC

100 KW DC Fast Charger - CCS1 & CHAdeMO 480VAC-3P

100, 150, 200 KW - Modular High Power Chargers

350KW High Power Charger

Heliox DC Chargers

Opportunity Charging Stations

Fast DC 25 kW Mobile

Fast DC 40 kW Mobile

Fast DC 2x30 kW (V2G)

Fast DC 50 kW

Depot Charger 175 kW with up to 3 charge pillars

DC Charging Stations

Fast DC 150 kW / OC 150 kW

OC 300 kW

OC 450 kW

OC 600 kW

Tritium DC Chargers

RT 175-S 175 kW High Power DC Charging System

Veefil-RT 50 kW DC Fast Charger

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