EV Charger Spotlight: ABB Terra AC Wallbox

Ayush Sapra

Ayush Sapra

January 08, 2024

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Learn about the Level 2 AC EV Charger and its integration with ChargePilot® smart charging software.

Ayush Sapra with the ABB Terra AC Wallbox

At The Mobility House, we are committed to providing the best smart charging solutions for electric vehicle fleets. Today, we are excited to introduce the latest addition to our Level 2 EVSE charging portfolio, the ABB Terra AC Wallbox. The integration with our smart charging and energy management system ChargePilot® presents fleet managers more options for their chargers at charger depots.

Charge smart, today and into the future! ChargePilot® is the smart charging and energy management system that's integrated with only the best-in-class electric vehicle chargers.

ABB Terra AC Wallbox

ABB Terra AC Wallbox

More Info & Charger Specs

The ABB Terra AC Wallbox is a great solution for electric school buses or light duty fleets, and comes in three variations - a 32 amp (7.4 kW), a 40 amp (9.6 kW), and an 80 amp (19.2 kW) model which is best suited for fleets. This ABB charging station comes with a J1772 plug which is perfect for electric vehicle school bus fleets or light duty fleets.

All models of this ABB charger come with RFID authentication so you can have your peace of mind that your charger is secure at all times. This charger can be mounted on an indoor or outdoor wall and if that doesn't suit your needs, it can also be mounted on a ground mounted pedestal offered by ABB.

The Mobility House can integrate with this ABB charger and others thanks to the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) specifically version 1.6J. OCPP allows The Mobility House’s local controller, ChargePilot®, to communicate with chargers, exchange information such as status, certification and others. We also utilize OCPP to manage smart charging features, enable remote start, remote stop and remote reset.

Having a wide variety of chargers integrated with ChargePilot® allows these fleet managers to manage all their chargers using one interface. For example, a school district might choose to install some of these ABB AC chargers, but also have other models, including DC models from ABB or Heliox. The Mobility House's ChargePilot® software allows you to manage all of them, all in one single dashboard.

We are very excited to announce this new integration with ABB E-mobility.

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