EVSE Spotlight: ABB E-mobility

May 31, 2023

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ABB E-mobility has been a leader in the U.S. EV charging market for more than a decade

Photo Credit: Metro Transit St. Louis

In the electric vehicle world, we are rapidly and radically reconstructing two industries at once: mobility and energy. This intersection of transportation and energy requires the commitment of companies with a deep understanding of safe and reliable distribution of power at scale. ABB E-mobility is such a company, bringing the pedigree of ABB and its 130-years of history in the energy industry. ABB is the company that is responsible for groundbreaking innovations such as the first three phase electromechanical systems and high voltage power transmission. 

ABB has fully embraced electrification as the way of the future, and is now developing the technology that will allow us to transition to clean electric drive mobility. ABB E-mobility has been a leader in the U.S. EV charging market for more than a decade, having provided the first CCS charger, the first 150 kW charger and the first 350 kW chargers. They now have a wide range of EV chargers available, ready to serve every class of vehicle, and any size of fleet. And, most recently, they have invested further in the U.S. by expanding domestic manufacturing to up to 10,000 chargers per year in Columbia, South Carolina.  

"With more than 13 years of experience in DC fast charging we have an unparalleled reach with sales of more than 1 million electric vehicle chargers across more than 85 markets, over 50,000 DC fast chargers and more than 1 million AC chargers."

Bob Stojanovic, SVP,

ABB E-mobility, North America

ABB E-mobility has proven to be an industry-leading provider of EVSE charging solutions, and a reliable long-term partner to The Mobility House in implementing fully integrated, intelligently managed and networked charging solutions for fleet owners and operators. 

ABB E-mobility Project Detail: Metro Transit St. Louis

The first of these projects is Metro Transit St. Louis, which chose ABB E-mobility chargers with charge management by ChargePilot® for 4 sites combining to make the largest electric transit bus charging project in the U.S. at the time it was built, at 4.35 MW total capacity. With high powered HVC 450 kW overhead pantograph chargers, as well as 150 kW HVC Depot DC fast chargers, ABB E-mobility is well equipped to supply transit agencies with demanding duty cycles and the highest standards of reliability. Meanwhile, The Mobility House enables the transit agency to optimize charging processes within the Time of Use (TOU) rates established by Ameren Missouri, and provides remote charging control, monitoring and data on charging processes, and 24/7 error management and response across all sites.

Watch the video: “Metro Transit in St. Louis Launches Largest Electric Bus Fleet in U.S.”
ABB E-mobility Project Detail: Austrian Post

Image credit: dualpixel.photography

The Austrian Post is a world leader in electric vehicle postal delivery, having implemented their first EVs in 2011. When they chose partners to scale up 130 sites with 2,400 charging points over a three-year period, they chose ABB E-mobility and The Mobility House. This is a major step towards achieving the full electrification of the Austrian Post’s 10,000 vehicle fleet to full electric by 2030. The addition of the ChargePilot® system enables Austrian Post to automatically take advantage of lower electricity pricing throughout the day and ensure cost-optimized charging across its fleet, without investing in costly infrastructure expansion. ChargePilot® also quickly identifies potential failures across the charging network, allowing for preventive maintenance and strengthening operational reliability.

Image credit: dualpixel.photography

The Mobility House is proud of our continuing partnership with ABB E-mobility in North America and worldwide, as we work closely with them to deploy intelligent and reliable charging solutions for transit, school, delivery, and commercial customers.  


To learn more about ABB E-mobility EV chargers and ChargePilot® from The Mobility House, please contact [email protected]