Infineon Technologies AG relies on intelligent charging infrastructure from The Mobility House

April 08, 2020|Munich

Infineon Technologies AG relies on intelligent charging infrastructure from The Mobility House

Thanks to their environmental and, to an increasing extent, cost advantages, electric cars are becoming more and more attractive for corporate fleets. Semiconductor manufacturer Infineon is striving for CO2 neutrality by 2030 and has set the goal of enabling its employees to charge electric vehicles, thereby supporting the electrification of its vehicle fleet. Infineon relies on the technology company The Mobility House to set up the appropriate charging infrastructure. 

Bild des Hauptsitzes "Campeon" von Infineon in Neubiberg

At several Infineon locations – starting with the Campeon headquarter in Neubiberg near Munich – The Mobility House provides the entire range of services of its smart Charging and Energy Management system ChargePilot®: on the one hand, the monitoring and provision of billing data of the charging stations and processes, on the other hand, the intelligent control of charging processes in connection with the building energy management system. The charging infrastructure was set up together with partners and coordinated by The Mobility House. 

The main focus is to create a sustainable and manufacturer-neutral charging solution with the limited network connection at the semiconductor company's largest development site without causing additional network expansion costs and expensive load peaks. In this environment, ChargePilot® from The Mobility House can make full use of its strengths. 

With its load management function, ChargePilot® is dynamically connected via a Modbus interface to the higher-level Infineon energy management system at the Campeon, thus enabling the integration and control of the entire area. If the local grid connection reaches the limits of its capacity, ChargePilot® automatically adapts the charging of the electric cars within seconds: Charging processes are staggered or throttled. Priorities can also be assigned to ensure that individual mobility needs are always met reliably. 

Infineon attaches great importance to an infrastructure with which employees' private electric vehicles as well as company cars and pool vehicles from various manufacturers can be conveniently charged and charging processes can be billed. In addition, The Mobility House provides the appropriate charging infrastructure for charging company cars at home. The electricity costs incurred at work and at home are billed transparently and accurately to the kilowatt hour. 

In addition to the Campeon in Neubiberg, several other Infineon locations will soon benefit from the advantages of ChargePilot®: Dresden, Regensburg, Warstein and Villach in Austria will also receive charging facilities for electric vehicles from The Mobility House in the course of this year.