Mobilize selects The Mobility House as technology partner for their vehicle-to-grid service

June 13, 2023|Belmont, Calif.

The Mobilize V2G service will enable Renault customers to make money with their battery when they aren’t driving

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  • Mobilize, a Renault Group brand, and The Mobility House will provide the first commercial vehicle-to-grid (V2G) service starting in 2024, initially in France, Germany and the UK.   
  • The Mobility House’s technology will provide Mobilize V2G customers with guaranteed carbon-neutral energy to charge their vehicles, and a smart charging software application to minimize energy expense. 
  • The Mobility House’s bidirectional smart charging technology will enable owners of the Renault 5 and later models to participate in wholesale power and energy markets with their electric car batteries, generating value for electric vehicle owners and the power system.
Introducing Europe's first mainstream V2G offering 

The Mobility House and Mobilize, a Renault Group brand, are launching Europe's first mainstream, commercial vehicle-to-grid offering for private customers. Bidirectional charging will enable customers to make their electric car battery available to supply power to the energy system and receive a financial reward for doing so. The joint offer consists of four components: an electric vehicle with integrated bidirectional charger, the bidirectional charging station "Mobilize Powerbox," the Mobilize energy contract provided by The Mobility House, and a mobile app for individual control.  

The Mobility House is already using the same technology stack as included in the Mobilize V2G service to facilitate smart charging programs, vehicle-to-building (V2B), and V2G pilots in the United States, and will expand similar offerings to more segments and regions throughout North America. In partnering with Mobilize to access the collective power of consumer electric vehicle batteries, The Mobility House is taking an important step forward to achieving the company’s vision of zero-emission and zero-cost charging for all. 

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Expertise, software and service by The Mobility House

The Mobility House will provide the Mobilize retail energy contract to Renault customers, including a guaranteed carbon-neutral energy supply for vehicle charging, and will enable users to supply electricity back to the grid via the bidirectional charging function for monetary compensation. The underlying technology is composed of The Mobility House’s EV Aggregation Platform and EV Flexibility Trading. The Mobility House’s system aggregates the battery storage of the vehicles and trades their "flexibility" on the wholesale markets,  serving the electric system and generating revenue. 

The EV driver may decide how much battery capacity they want to provide via the app. They plug in their vehicle, enter the planned departure time and the desired battery charge level in the app, and the rest is taken care of automatically by The Mobility House's technology. The longer the vehicle is connected to the power grid, and the higher the percentage of the battery that the driver provides, the higher the earnings for the EV owner. The customer experience, and therefore charging needs, takes priority at all times. 

Drive the energy transition with Mobilize V2G - and get paid for it

With bidirectional charging, electric vehicles become mobile energy storage devices. When they are directed by smart charging algorithms, EV batteries can serve the increasing storage needs that come with the expansion of intermittent renewable energy generation such as wind and solar. Electricity can be temporarily stored and served back into the grid as needed. This reduces load peaks on the power grid and extreme prices on the energy markets, and lessens dependence on fossil-fuel power plants. The money earned by trading the flexibilities of electric car batteries will offset the energy bill of electric car drivers. V2G thus supports both the transition to a carbon-neutral energy system and the switch from combustion engines to electric vehicles.

"We are immensely proud to bring this groundbreaking development of vehicle-to-grid technology to the mainstream alongside our partners at Mobilize. We are already using this technology to facilitate smart charging programs in the U.S. and where possible, in bi-directional projects from Oakland, California to New York City. We are excited to replicate this offering in more segments and regions in North America as the market matures."

Robert Hienz, CEO,

The Mobility House


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