The Mobility House and smart1 are combining their systems

July 28, 2021|Munich, Zurich

  • The Mobility House and smart1 solutions GmbH are making it possible for their charging/energy management systems to communicate.
  • ChargePilot by The Mobility House® and smart1’s energy management system are now connected via a Modbus interface.
  • The Mobility House is thus expanding its network of compatible system partners in order to offer customers maximum flexibility and integrated solutions.
Electric car charging

The technology company The Mobility House and the smart1 solutions GmbH, the specialist in energy management systems coming from photovoltaic monitoring, have successfully realized the interoperability of their systems. ChargePilot®, the intelligent Charging and Energy Management system by The Mobility House, can now communicate with the smart1 system via a Modbus interface. Combining the two products makes it possible to operate even complex systems in buildings, incl. photovoltaics, stationary storage, combined heat and power plants, and electric mobility in a way that is both efficient and reliable with a ready-to-connect solution. This collaboration gives customers multiple technical benefits and makes it easy for them to comply with the connection guidelines of the grid operators.

ChargePilot® is integrated into smart1’s higher-level energy management system via the Modbus protocol and forwards its commands, or the information regarding how much power is currently available for charging electric cars, to the charging stations. ChargePilot®, on the other hand, controls the charging stations via the standardized and scalable OCPP interface, forwards the values specified by smart1 to all connected charging points, and adjusts the power within seconds. Thanks to the intelligent control of the charging processes, the system makes optimum use of the existing mains connection, preventing expensive load peaks. Furthermore, ChargePilot® gives customers access to extensive Charge Point Operator (CPO) functions such as user management and RFID management, charging point restarts, and remote updates and service. This means, for example, that customer service can intervene quickly if faults occur and can provide support remotely. ChargePilot® also enables prioritization of the vehicles to be charged. This ensures that all cars are ready to depart in due time in accordance with requirements.

Like The Mobility House, smart1 takes the approach of setting up hardware-agnostic, flexible, and future-proof systems. Therefore, both companies rely on open interfaces, which also results in high compatibility and scalability of hardware and software.

"The collaboration with smart1 once again illustrates the advantages of using systems that work with open standard interfaces. This is the only way to set up individual, innovative, and future-proof charging solutions that can grow with increasing requirements and changing needs. In the long term, it also enables immense cost savings."

Matthias Suttner, Head of Key Account Management Wholesale,

The Mobility House

"We view our collaboration with The Mobility House as a definite benefit for our customers, but also for the shared goals of the energy transition. We make it possible for charging processes and existing energy systems to cooperate smoothly and can thus control the entire energy landscape intelligently and operate it with maximum cost-efficiency."

Michael Strasser, Head of Sales,

smart1 solutions GmbH