The Mobility House: efficient electromobility solutions for companies with SAP E-Mobility

February 03, 2022|München/Zürich

The Mobility House is cooperating with SAP on the integration of ChargePilot® and SAP E-Mobility based on an initial successful system test

Grafik: Zusammenarbeit The Mobility House und SAP

The electromobility experts at The Mobility House can now offer their customers an additional module for charging management. In an initial system test, the software system ChargePilot® was successfully integrated with the SAP E-Mobility solution. Further steps are planned to establish a partnership in the field of electromobility.

SAP E-Mobility is a new industry cloud solution for the operation of a networked charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. The solution is setting new standards in end-to-end management and billing of charging processes for electric vehicles in a corporate fleet. As part of the integration, SAP's cloud-based solution communicates with The Mobility House's intelligent and hardware-agnostic Charging and Energy Management system ChargePilot® via an encrypted OCPP connection. This integration enables companies to incorporate the setup, operation and management of charging infrastructure conveniently into SAP applications. It enables managers of electric fleets to work smoothly across systems and, therefore, holistically. The advantage of this integration is obvious: a system infrastructure that complements each other in an ideal manner as the basis for sustainably operating electric fleet vehicles in the long term.

The complementary products and services support corporate customers in various stages of the electrification process – from consulting and setup, to the intelligent control and integration of the charging infrastructure via ChargePilot®. This ensures the efficient operation of charging infrastructure and its integration into existing SAP systems via SAP E-Mobility. For example, private electricity costs generated when employees are charging their company car at home can be reimbursed using the SAP Concur travel expense report.

Both companies are also taking a hardware-agnostic approach regarding charging points to ensure that the respective electromobility solution remains future-proof. In addition, as the number of electric vehicles that are capable of feeding electricity back into the grid continues to increase, the future focus will also be on use cases like vehicle-to-grid. Here, too, it will be possible to fully realize the combined synergy potential of both companies.

"In future, electromobility will be one of the fast and decisive levers that companies will use to cut their CO2 emissions. So, the process of integrating electromobility solutions must be efficient and cost-effective. With SAP, we have another strong partner on our side. Not only do we both share the goal of contributing to a sustainable future; we will also promote the intelligent integration of electric vehicles into existing systems and processes."

Marcus Fendt,

Managing Director, The Mobility House

ChargePilot®, the Charging and Energy Management system by The Mobility House, enables a smart management and integration of charging stations into existing infrastructure. The solution prevents grid expansion and expensive peak loads. Depending on the use case, it can cut charging costs by up to 70%, or generate average savings of €250 per charging point and year.