Intelligent electric truck charging: Volvo Group (CH) AG opts for Charging and Energy Management system by The Mobility House

November 16, 2022|Munich/Zurich

  • Volvo Group (Switzerland) AG chooses The Mobility House's intelligent Charging and Energy Management system ChargePilot® to drive electrification in the Swiss truck segment.
  • The Mobility House is supporting Volvo Group (Switzerland) AG in the electrification of the brand's 20 truck centers and its partners, as well as assisting customers in planning and implementing a smart charging solution.
  • ChargePilot® controls the charging operations according to the grid connection and ensures a cost-efficient, transparent, and round-the-clock monitored charging service. 
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Volvo Group (Switzerland) AG is cooperating with The Mobility House to provide intelligent charging solutions for the Swiss electric truck market. The charging solutions provider acts as a holistic partner and supports Volvo Group and its customers throughout the entire process: starting with consulting, through analysis and concept to implementation. This also includes the supply of charging infrastructure and operation of the Charging and Energy Management system ChargePilot® at various locations. The eight own truck centers of Volvo Group (Switzerland) AG as well as, if required, their twelve private partners benefit from the holistic support. 
The challenge of electrification in the truck sector lies primarily in the high energy demand of the trucks. Combined with the short standing times of the vehicles often required in the logistics or transport business, this means a significant amount of power has to be available for charging. Normal charging infrastructure (22 or 43 kW) is often not sufficient at the locations, so that fast charging stations with an output of 350 kW and more are necessary. Therefore, The Mobility House offers Volvo Group (Switzerland) AG and its customers ChargePilot®, an intelligent Charging and Energy Management system, which includes load management, to ensure that the available grid connection can meet the power requirements. The system controls charging processes according to the capacity of the grid connection as well as various parameters. 

"Charging electric trucks and cars is a major challenge for us. Both fast charging stations and wallboxes have to be operated in an optimized way behind a grid connection. Thanks to the cooperation with our charging solutions partner The Mobility House, we have succeeded in mastering this challenge at our company locations. We could also meet the requirements of our truck customers in terms of consulting and provide them with a safe, scalable and future-oriented charging infrastructure."

Roland Gruber, Retail & Truck Center Manager Switzerland,

Volvo Group

"With more than twelve years of experience in e-mobility, we are glad to join forces with our partner to drive the electric truck market forward and offer both Volvo Group itself and its customers in Switzerland a comprehensive solution, including the appropriate charging infrastructure. It is of key importance to design the charging solution in a holistic and scalable way right from the start and to provide for a hardware-agnostic charging and energy management system such as ChargePilot. Even if only one fast charging station may be used at the beginning, there will certainly be more down the line."

Christian Müller, General Manager Switzerland,

The Mobility House

Currently, four truck centers have already been deployed, including Volvo Group (Switzerland) AG’s headquarter in Dällikon.