Antelope Valley Transit Authority (AVTA)

The first 100% zero-emission transit fleet in the United States.

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    Solutions Used: ChargePilot®, charging hardware, consulting
    Areas of Focus: Managed charging reduces operating expenses, The future of public transportation

"Our management uses the data from ChargePilot to monitor real-time performance of charging operations and track kilowatt usage over time. The system helps us quickly identify charging issues and maximize our fully charged fleet available. "

Esteban Rodriguez, Senior Director of Operations and Planning,

Antelope Valley Transit Authority (AVTA)

Key Project Facts

  • Heliox, ABB, WAVE, and BYD chargers were used.
  • The 87-vehicle fleet consists of BYD electric buses, Motor Coach Industries (MCI) coaches, and GreenPower Microtransit vans.
  • ChargePilot® manages 12 Dual port Heliox 180 Flex chargers, which serve the MCI coaches for commuter trips to downtown Los Angeles, Century City and San Fernando Valley.
  • ChargePilot® helps AVTA collect data required for Low Carbon Fuel Standards (LCFS) credit monetization.
  • AVTA is able to completely cover the cost of electric fueling and actually generates revenue of $0.21 per mile from LCFS credits from the state of California.
  • The Mobility House will also be able to integrate AVTA’s on-site solar into its smart charging system, ultimately reducing carbon emissions and electricity costs even more.
  • The agency recently surpassed more than 11.5 million miles of service – saving 2,875,000 gallons of diesel fuel and reducing 68.3 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions.
The Mobility House employee explaining load management

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