Brookville Smart Energy Bus Depot

Zero Emissions bus plugged in

Washington, D.C. region’s first resilient clean energy microgrid charges Maryland electric transit fleet; will save over 160,000 metric tons of lifetime carbon emissions.

    Solutions Used: ChargePilot®

The Mobility House, in collaboration with partners including AlphaStruxure and Schneider Electric, celebrates the completion and energizing of Brookville Smart Energy Bus Depot in Montgomery County, Maryland. This landmark integrated 6.5 MW microgrid and electric bus charging infrastructure project uses onsite solar canopies, natural gas generators, battery storage, microgrid controls and electric bus chargers to support 70 electric buses, a holistic solution that can run independent of the local utility. The Mobility House’s smart charging and energy management system, ChargePilot®, coordinates charging with the microgrid by optimizing the buses’ charging schedules based on route blocks and energy demands to ensure vehicle readiness.

"Montgomery County has been committed to sustainability leadership and improving resilience after experiencing extreme weather events and recent extended power outages. Brookville Smart Energy Depot aligns with the County’s priorities to reduce emissions from public transportation while strengthening the community and infrastructure assets."

Michael Yambrach,

Interim Chief, Office of Energy and Sustainability, Department of General Services for Montgomery County.

Key Project Facts

  • CHARGING STATIONS: 17 Heliox 180kW Flex 3-port, 2 Heliox 450kW Pantograph, 4 Proterra 60kW Chargers
    • Integrate managed charging of e-buses with local microgrid​
    • Optimize for cost savings and solar consumption + enable charging directly from microgrid in island mode ​
    • Interoperable management of single and multiple-plug chargers from different manufacturers + overhead chargers ​
The Mobility House employee explaining load management

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