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First to monetize low-carbon-fuel (LCFS) credits.

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    Solutions Used: ChargePilot®, charging hardware, consulting

Commissioned in August 2020, it was one of the first electrification projects of its kind in the United States. The Mobility House’s intelligent Charging and Energy Management system ChargePilot harmonizes Ocean View School District’s bus schedules, travel routes, battery life and local utility rates to deliver reliable, clean transportation at the lowest cost to the district.

"This groundbreaking project for the district marks a notable milestone on our journey to electrify our entire school bus fleet and reduce pollution in our community.“ ‘The Mobility House team and their wealth of experience was invaluable for navigating not only the development of a sophisticated charging infrastructure but a new funding landscape as well."

Bob Brown, Director of Transportation,

Ocean View School District

Key Project Facts

  • Revenue Generation: With ChargePilot, Ocean View School District can manage reporting submissions, system management, and all other government-interaction needed to generate LCFS.
  • Mitigating Problems: We‘re providing a proactive alerting system that mitigates charging issues as well as collects charger usage data in compliance with the CEC grant requirement and keeps stakeholders informed at all levels.
  • Time Efficiency: ChargePilot will also ensure timely student pickup and dropoff without concern over battery range.
  • Interoperability: The flexibility that ChargePilot provides allows for a multitude of integrations that benefit all parties.
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