St. Louis Metro Transit

The largest electrified public transit site in the US at the time of commissioning in 2020.

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    Solutions Used: ChargePilot®, charging hardware, consulting

In October 2020, The Mobility House completed the deployment of ChargePilot® with ABB HVC-150C depot chargers to provide the charging, energy and load management for battery electric buses owned by the St. Louis Area Transit System. At the time, this project was one of the biggest battery electric bus charging infrastructure deployments in the US. Working for New Flyer of America, Inc. (New Flyer), the 4.35MW charging project has its 20 150kW and three 450kW chargers now operating intelligently with the use of the charging and energy management system, ChargePilot®.

"With over 10 percent of the European bus market intelligently controlled by our technology, we are bringing a wealth of best practices and lessons learned in electric fleet charging management to this landmark project in St. Louis."

Greg Hintler,

U.S. Managing Director, The Mobility House

Key Project Facts

  • A pioneer in the industry: Upon commissioning in 2020, the project became the largest battery-electric bus fleet in the US.
  • Charge management: ChargePilot® adjusts the charging performance of electric buses according to real-time travel schedules to deliver charging at the lowest cost to Metro Transit, saving 30+% in operational costs.
  • Going green: The electric buses reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 100-160 tons per year
The Mobility House employee explaining load management

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