Our Projects

Since 2009, The Mobility House has installed and is operating charging infrastructure projects across the USA and Europe - for public transit, delivery and school bus fleets.

Public transport / Electric buses: Metro Transit St. Louis

"The Mobility House's energy management system was a critical factor to operate the new electric bus fleet." - Jonah Crespo

SERVICES: Load management | Monitoring | Operation
SUCCESS: Integration with planned charging infrastructure and EVSE | Development of timetable requirements and the energy requirements of the electric bus fleet

Public transport / Electric buses: Connexxion

Electric bus fleet benefits from smart control

"With ChargePilot, we can efficiently charge and operate our fleet of electric busses and also have flexibility when expanding." -Josh Carmichael

LOCATION: Schiphol Aiport, Amsterdam
SERVICES: Load management | Monitoring | Operation incl. service
SUCCESS: Savings of several hundred thousand Euros

Public transport / Electric buses: Avinor

The Mobility House supports Avinor on its way to Oslo's climate-neutral airport

"That is why we have joined forces with the experts from The Mobility House. They developed an energy management system that interacts reliably with the charging systems of our busses and allows us to efficiently distribute the power to the individual charging points". - Frank Reichel (VDL Bus & Coach)

LOCATION: Oslo Airport 
SERVICES: Load management & monitoring | Operation
SUCCESS: Installation and operation at a site with a limited grid connection by ChargePilot 

Public transport / Electric buses: Rhein-Neckar-Verkehr GmbH (rnv)

Smart Charging Management for daily city e-bus operators

"The connection capacity required for our electric buses is well managed by the charging and energy management system from The Mobility House." - Stefan Prüfer

LOCATION: Mannheim and Heidelberg
SERVICES: Monitoring | Charging management | Operation incl. service 
SAVINGS: up to 13.000 €/year

Public transport / Electric buses: Basler Verkehrsbetriebe

A bus fleet prepares for electric future.

"The Mobility House team impressed us with in-depth expertise and hands-on experience." - Pascal Lippmann

LOCATION: Bus depot in Basel
SERVICES: Concept | Infrastructure design
SUCCESS: Development of timetable requirements, the energy and power requirements of the electric bus fleet as well as elaboration of hardware and software recommendations

Public transport / Electric buses: Zuglander public transport

Charging infrastructure Concept for the ZVB to electrify the entire bus fleet at its main site

"For the gradual electrification of our entire bus fleet, we were looking for an experienced expert to advise us on charging infrastructure and charging management. With The Mobility House we have found a very competent team for this. Based on a professional analysis and clear recommendations for action, we can build a future-proof charging solution." - Dr. Martin Küchler, Head of Development

SERVICES: Analysis | Dimensioning | Recommendations for action
SAVINGS: Analysis of the existing vehicle circulation | Determination of the required daily energy demand | Simulation of the energy supply over one day | Dimensioning of the required charging infrastructure | Determination of the required grid connection with and without load management

Fleet: ADVA

Fleet electrification at two company sites

"With The Mobility House we are not tied to any energy supplier or charging station provider." - Matthias Senf

LOCATION: Meiningen and Martinsried
SERVICES: Billing at work | Analysis & Consulting | Operation | Concept | Charging infrastructure | Load management & Monitoring
SUCCESS:  Future-proof and scalable solution | Savings in network expansion and annual service charges through ChargePilot

Fleet: Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund Welfare Organisation

Caregivers are now driving emissions-free

How do you benefit from the changeover? „More relaxed employees, less CO2 emissions and less cost per kilometer“  - Thomas Nindl

LOCATION: Underground car park with 9 AC wall boxes
SERVICES: Concept | Charging infrastructure | Operation
SAVINGS: Savings in grid expansion of approx. 35,000 € and annual service charges of up to 13,000 €/year through ChargePilot

Logistics fleet: Zalando

Zalando benefits from intelligent charging infrastructure

"We are constantly working on developing sustainable solutions for logistics. The Mobility House is the ideal cooperation partner for this project. By using ChargePilot, we can ensure that the electric vehicles are always ready for operation.”  -Christian Scheffler

LOCATION: Logistics depot with 23 vehicles in Hamburg
SERVICES: Concept | Charging infrastructure | Operation
SUCCESS: Quick and flexible installation on site with a limited grid connection

Project references

Vehicle-to-Grid: Porto Santo

Leading the way to an emission-free island

By using photovoltaic, wind power, electric vehicles and second-life batteries, the Portuguese island of Porto Santo wants to become a "Smart Fossil Free Island".

PARTNER: Groupe Renault, EEM

SUCCESS: Power grid stabilization | Balancing energy and optimized integration of renewable energy production


The Mobility House, Nissan, TenneT: V2G Redispatch

Electric cars store excess wind energy and save CO2

Charging and Energy Management ChargePilot enables grid-optimzed charging

PARTNER: Nissan, TenneT

SUCCESS: Power grid stabilization through bidirectional charging | Redispatch


V2G: Johan Cruijff ArenA

Electric vehicles supply Johan Cruijff ArenA in Amsterdam with power

Intelligent charging and energy management system enables visitors to integrate their electric car intelligently into the power grid

PARTNER: Nissan, AKEF,BAM, Interreg, Johan Cruijff ArenA

SUCCESS: Power grid stabilization | Balancing energy | Backup power supply


Vehicle-to-Home & Self-consumption optimization

Vehicle-to-Coffe: Making coffee with green electricity from the electric car

The Mobility House is the first to integrate an electric car SUCCESSreich into the network, controlling the vehicle battery and thus drawing power from the electric car for the office.


SUCCESS: Vehicle-to-home | Self-consumption optimization


Smart Charging: Cheap charging and saving money

Intelligent software from The Mobility House enables electric car drivers to take advantage of the strong price fluctuations on the electricity market

PARTNER: GETEC Energie, Groupe Renault

SUCCESS: Intraday arbitrage | Intelligent purchase of electricity | Reduction of electricity costs

Grid stabilisation, primary control capacity: Hagen 

Rolling power plants: Nissan Leaf e-car stabilizes German power grid

Nissan Leaf and innovative charging and energy management technology enable prequalification of an electric car for primary control service according to TCA requirements

PARTNER: Amprion, ENERVIE, Nissan

SUCCESS: Power grid stabilization | Frequency containment reserve (first TSO / ENTSO-E tested pre-qualification of an EV)

1st and 2nd-life battery storage: Elverlingsen

New deployment for a former coal-fired power plant

The coal-fired power station built in 1912 is a milestone in the energy transition - Enervie Group

SCOPE: 1.363 Daimler batteries (1st/2nd life)

POWER: 17,1 MW power, 18 MWh storage capacity

PARTNER: Daimler, Enervie, GETEC Energie, Mercedes-Benz Energy

SUCCESS: Second-life storage and "store for replacement parts"

1st and 2nd-life battery storage: EUREF Campus Berlin

Multi-use storage optimises energy supply

With its know how in the field of second-life storage, The Mobility House made a meaningful contribution to the realization of the project. - Audi AG


SCOPE: 20 Second-life Audi e‍-‍tron batteries from test fleet

POWER: 1,25 MW power, 1,9 MWh storage capacity

SUCCESS: Real-life laboratory for the energy transition


World's largest battery storage: Lünen

The world's largest battery storage system made from used vehicle batteries: Lünen

Battery storage with 13 MWh from approx. 1000 used vehicle batteries proves the potential of reuse of vehicle batteries

PARTNER: Daimler, GETEC Energie, Remondis, Mercedes-Benz Energy

SCOPE: 1.024 batteries (2nd life)

SUCCESS: World's largest second-life battery storage

Three megawatts energy storage: Johan Cruijff ArenA 

Three megawatts energy storage in Johan Cruijff ArenA

Zero-emission events in cooperation with The Mobility House

SCOPE: battery cells with a capacity of 148 Nissan Leafs

PARTNER: Nissan, Eaton, BAM, AKEF, Johan Cruijff ArenA

SUCCESS: Multi-use energy storage in Amsterdam's main stadium