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Car dealers need to be prepared for an electric future: car manufacturers are expanding their portfolios and developing electric cars with increasing ranges and innovative technology. In this rapidly growing, dynamic market, car dealerships and dealers face major challenges if they wish to successfully navigate the change to electric mobility. As a dealer, you aim to set an example and give your customers expert advice. And this goes far beyond explaining the charge port – customers expect you to have in-depth knowledge regarding the right charging solution. 

Whether it’s setting up a future-proof charging solution, providing training, or our reseller program: at The Mobility House, we will support you and your dealership on the way toward to electric mobility. We will gladly offer our expert services as a partner for your major customer consultation.

Find a future-proof plan for electric mobility today.

The change to electric mobility is posing new challenges for car dealers. We can help you find answers for the following questions and find the right charging solution:

  • How can I meet the manufacturer’s specifications?
  • How can I integrate modern charging infrastructure into my sales, workshop, and dispatch processes?
  • How many charging stations does my dealership or site need?
  • What is the best way for me to charge multiple electric cars in parallel?
  • How can I make the best use of my existing electric installation?
  • How can I reduce operating costs?
  • How can I invoice the charging processes of customers, employees, or in public spaces in a straightforward and precise way?

We will, of course, take into account your internal process requirements regarding electric cars.

Are you looking for individual consultation? We will be happy to support you.

Charging infrastructure for your car dealership

We can support you in all phases of the electrification of your car dealership.

Konzept Konzept

Planning & consulting

Standortcheck Standortcheck

Site check

Installation der Ladehardware Installation der Ladehardware

Installation of hardware

Betrieb der Ladeinfrastruktur Betrieb der Ladeinfrastruktur

Operation of the charging infrastructure

Planning and consulting

You’re ready to get started with electric mobility and want a plan for future-proof charging infrastructure in your car dealership? A charging concept from The Mobility House covers individual consideration of your requirements, potential savings from dynamic load management, and evaluation of the available funding options.

Site check

In a site check performed by our installation partners, we collect all the information relevant to implementation for setting up your charging infrastructure. You are then given a complete quotation for the implementation (planning, installation, underground engineering, initial start-up).

Installation of hardware 

Even during the installation and initial start-up of the charging infrastructure, you can rely on us and our network of professional partners. We support you throughout the entire process:

  • Design and planning of the site-specific charging solution
  • Procurement of the relevant components, such as charging stations
  • Setup and installation of the charging infrastructure by our qualified specialist partners

Operation of the charging infrastructure

We are also support you in the operation of the charging infrastructure. We take care of the following aspects:

  • Compliance with charging requirements
  • Load management for cost-optimized operation
  • Monitoring and control of charging processes in the customer portal
  • Additional services such as integration of solar power

Autohaus Rosier Autohaus Rosier

Reference: intelligent charging infrastructure for car dealerships of the ROSIER Group

Services: Strategy | Project management | Charging infrastructure | Load management & monitoring | Operation

Sites: 16 car dealerships throughout Germany

Charging stations: 53 AC and 2 DC wallboxes

Savings: for network expansion up to €50,000 per site; for operation up to €20,000 per year per site thanks to the intelligent charging and energy management system ChargePilot 

Reseller program for car dealers

Generate sales in the growth market of charging infrastructure

Wiederverkäuferprogramm für Autohändler Wiederverkäuferprogramm für Autohändler

Generate sales in the growth market of charging infrastructure

  • Collaborating with The Mobility House comes with attractive conditions: 
  • Discounts and price scaling across our entire product range
  • Wide range of hardware and accessories from leading manufacturers
  • No storage and no warehousing costs
  • Commission on the total sales of procured projects
  • Commission system in major client procurement

Training and events for car dealerships

Get ready to face the future 

Book our practice-oriented training today: 

  • Preparation for the new requirements arising from selling electric cars
  • Basic knowledge of the electric mobility market
  • Basic principles of charging infrastructure
  • Specific applications and customer questions and the corresponding charging solutions

In this training, we prepare the staff of car dealerships – from sales consultants to the back office – specifically for the new requirements that electric mobility is bringing with regard to selling cars.  To give customers the best possible, individual advice, the salesperson needs a basic understanding of how electric cars are charged. This is where training comes in. Our experienced coaches visit your premises and provide a comprehensive overview. 

Autohaus Best in Mühlheim Autohaus Best in Mühlheim

Reference: training of Best car dealership staff

With more than 500 employees, the Best Auto family is one of Germany’s 50 largest car dealer groups. In the training provided by The Mobility House, the employees were able to bring their knowledge of electric cars entirely up to date.

The training from The Mobility House has made our sales consultants and the back office very well prepared for the sale of electric cars and the new requirements. The information was explained very clearly and the participants were actively involved. We would definitely recommend it. “ - Joachim Kerk, Head of Sales, Major Clients

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Get on board and become a strategic partner in this exciting market.

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