Charging solutions for car manufacturers and dealers

The Mobility House is the right partner for you if you are looking for charging solutions for your site or an e-mobility partner to advise your customers.

Car manufacturers and dealers are gearing up for electric mobility. Manufacturers are expanding their portfolios, developing electric cars with ever longer ranges using ever more sophisticated technology. Car dealers are directly in contact with customers and are naturally keen to be able to advise them appropriately. But providing such support for electric vehicles doesn’t stop at the cap over the charging socket – customers expect their dealers to have a thorough understanding of which charging solution best suits their needs. 

At The Mobility House, we have been driving forward electric mobility since 2009 and have developed partnerships with over 10 car manufacturers in a variety of countries. Together with our strong partners, we have put our focus on the most intelligent charging systems and the most economical charging methods. We have identified the ideal solution for every use case and have trained up 4000 salespeople so far. We provide support for customers in everything from selecting the right charging station and installing the hardware, all the way through to such useful services as invoicing and load management.  

Charging solution for your location

We would be happy to fit you out with one of our reliable charging solutions.

Partnership with car manufacturers

We can offer our customers skilled advice on everything to do with charging electric cars.

On the road to electric mobility

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Be one of the first car dealers to establish themselves on the electric mobility market. Get yourself ready for the new power drive that your product is about to acquire.

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Build up your knowledge in the world of electric mobility. Leverage our expertise to offer your customer a solution for every requirement.

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Make your customer happy and give yourself the competitive advantage: Working with TMH comes with very attractive terms and conditions.

Our services for car manufacturers and car dealers

Charging infrastructure for your location

Your location must be ready to charge vehicles for deliveries, test drives, etc. We can design your charging system and deliver the solution to your location.

Take a look at our service portfolio:

- Charging concepts

- Charging stations und Charging accessories

- Load management

We would be delighted to help you with any questions you may have. Use our reference to check out how we have already helped a major chain of car dealerships to overcome these challenges.

On the road to your charging solution – with us at your side

We can help you to answer the following questions and to find the charging solution that suits you best:


  • How many charging stations do I need at my car dealership or location?
  • How much power can my mains connection supply?
  • What’s the best way to charge several electric cars at the same time?
  • How can I keep an eye on costs? 
  • How can I set up my charging infrastructure to ensure that it’s future-ready?

And in answering your questions, we always consider the needs of your internal processes in relation to electric vehicles. 

Drive forward e-mobility together as partners

Your partner in customer advice

You can trust us at The Mobility House as your experienced partner in the e-mobility sector. With 25,000 charging-related products already sold and over 10 years of partnership with OEMs, we are the experts in the field. We are busy shaping a new emission-free future for mobility.

Come on board with us and join many other car manufacturers in becoming our strategic partner in this exciting market.

We have the answers to the questions your customers are asking

We provide support for your customers from planning to operation of their ideal charging solution, tailoring every detail to their individual needs.

We offer charging solutions for private and business customers alike. Our services include: 

  • Advice
  • Charging infrastructure
  • Accessories
  • Installation service
  • Operating the charging infrastructure (including invoicing, Charging and energy management etc.)
  • Maintenance and support

TMH is the exclusive partner of the following car manufacturers


Car dealership Rosier Paderborn

Charging concept for car dealerships in the ROSIER group

With dealerships in 17 cities in the regions of North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and on the island of Sylt, ROSIER is one of Germany’s leading groups in automotive sales. The growing choice of electric vehicle offerings posed a challenge to the group to develop a location-independent and future-ready conceptual design on how to achieve an enhanced charging infrastructure and a charging and energy management system for it. To meet the challenge, they turned to The Mobility House, which considered both today’s and future requirements of the company’s various dealerships, customers and partner car manufacturers. 

„We’re very happy with the results both of the advice we received from The Mobility House and how they executed the concept they developed for us. Their input on the topic of voltage peaks and energy management, charging cycles for compliance with charging needs and the integration of manufacturer issues was particularly helpful to our decision-making processes. We had simply never thought of some of the issues they raised!” - Hendrik Rosier, Divisional Head of Logistics & Purchasing Manager

Autohaus Best in Mühlheim
Best Autohaus

Training of staff at Best car dealership

With a presence in five cities in the Rhine-Main region, the Best car dealership family can look back on 65 years of commercial success. With more than 500 employees, the Best automotive family is now one of the fifty largest car dealers in Germany. In the autumn of 2018, the company updated its knowledge of the topic of e-cars to the very latest status by taking the Mobility House training session.

„The Mobility House training session prepared our sales advisors and back-office staff very well on sales methods for electric vehicles and on the latest requirements in the field. The course content was brought across in a very comprehensible manner and engaged participants interactively. We can only recommend it.“ - Joachim Kerk, Sales Manager for Major Customers

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