Charging stations for electric cars

Which charging stations are available and what are the differences? What do I need to consider when buying and how much is the installation? Find out more

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Which charging station manufacturers do we represent and what are the differences?

A suitable charging station for your electric car will allow for a shorter charging time. The quicker the charging process, the sooner your electric car is ready to use again. Charging stations are not all the same. While some are especially easy to operate, smart charging stations offer additional features and can, for example, be integrated in a smart home system. We provide a wide selection of high-quality charging stations from quality manufacturers.


A single ABL charging station has turned into an entire successful product line, ranging from a basic no-frills charging station through to a real all-rounder. ABL charging stations are made in Germany. They have won design awards, as well as the trust of numerous car manufacturers.


Alfen and the brilliant brains behind the brand rely on smart charging solutions. Thanks to its monitoring system, the company is able to offer a complete solution that is particularly interesting for commercial customers. The ICU charging stations are generally open for further backend options, making them popular partners in the field of electric mobility.

Charge Amps

Combining Swedish innovativeness with state-of-the-art hardware and software, Charge Amps manufactures smart and high-quality charging solutions for your home or workplace. Charge Amps charging stations are simple and future-oriented.


Compleo has been a successful pioneer of electric mobility since 2009. The charging technology of the innovative company makes electric driving the most natural and easiest way to get around sustainably. With Compleo wallboxes, you get a networked and future-proof start to electromobility.


The EVBox Elvi wallbox is a smart solution for home charging that features reliability and a sleek, modular design. EVBox's hardware and software is not only energy efficient, but also future-proof and user-friendly.


go-e offers comprehensive system solutions in the field of electromobility. In addition to convenient charging at home, the go-eCharger HOME+ also enables mobile charging using the Quick Release wall bracket. Despite its young age, the up-and-coming company already provides comprehensive charging systems for private and professional use.


High-performance charging systems from Heidelberg charge the battery of your hybrid or electric vehicle safely, conveniently, quickly, and reliably. Heidelberg Wallboxes are the smart outlets for your electric car by ensuring that it is always reliably charged at maximum speed.

Juice Technology

Der JUICE BOOSTER 2 is indestructible. Even if you accidentally drive over your loyal companion or leave it out in the rain, it will still continue charging smoothly.  Thanks to the type 2 socket adapter, you will not need to keep an extra charging cable in your boot, so there is more room for other things.


Charging stations by KEBA are as diverse as their users. Whether you are a private individual wishing to integrate a charging station into your smart home system, whether you would like to use only solar power to charge your electric car, or whether you are a commercial customer looking for a simple and low-cost load management solution. KEBA has the right solution for everyone.


By choosing a Mennekes charging station, you opt for an established product by a premium brand. Mennekes has also set itself the goal to provide a suitable solution for any use case. The specially developed ChargeApp allows for an overview and full control of your charging station at all times.


With its NRGkick model, Dinitech relies on a smart and attractive partner with Bluetooth technology. It is with you wherever you go, and you can control it via an app at all times. Dinitech reacts to the market quickly, and the innovative charging station has already won a number of awards.


With its Webasto PURE charging station, Webasto focusses on what is the most essential: charging your electric car at a fair price-performance ratio. This is why the high-quality charging station with its smart details is super easy to operate and available at a low price. The perfect introduction to electric mobility.

Everything at a glance: What you need to know when buying a charging station


Six tips for buying a suitable charging station

When buying a charging station, it's important not only to consider the charging connection you need for your electric car, but also what else your charging station should be able to do. Options range from basic through to smart.


The most important charging station terminology explained

Many charging station manufacturers use different terms to describe the same thing. We have prepared an accessible list of the most important terms for you.


Do you live in a rented flat? No problem

We explain how you can get your own charging station on your parking space in five steps. Download our template letter to inform your landlord, quickly and simply.

Find out what you need to consider when installing a charging station

How much is it to install a charging station?

With our checklist you can estimate the costs in advance.

Checklist for installing a charging station

You could use some tips for installing a charging station?

Are you looking for individual consultation? We would be happy to support you.

There are sockets everywhere! So why do I need a charging station?

Almost nine hours of waiting and your Volkswagen e-Golf is still only charged half-way? A charging station turns parking time into charging time, and saves you a trip to the filling station. Quick, convenient and smart charging.

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