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Quicker charging: with direct current

Batteries are power sources for “direct current” (or DC for short). The same applies for all batteries used for energy storage in electric cars. The direct current is transformed back to alternating current to propel the electric car. The Combined Charging System (CCS) is used in Germany and the EU as standard for direct current charging. Alternatives are the CHAdeMO connection from Japan and the Supercharger system by Tesla.

So why do I need a DC charging station?

The greatest advantage in charging an electric vehicle with direct current rather than alternating current is the higher performance and resulting time saving that it enables. A DC charging station will charge your electric car 10, 20 or more than 50 times quicker than a normal domestic socket, depending on the charging power of the DC charging station. The energy is fed directly into the battery. An in-car charging station, which transforms the incoming alternating current into direct current, is therefore obsolete. This process takes place in the DC charging station. Many electric cars can only achieve up to 3.7 kW (e.g. Nissan Leaf) or 11 kW (e.g. BMW i3) with alternating current. A DC charging station is able to charge these vehicles with a significantly higher performance. Almost all e-vehicles, which also include e-buses and e-trucks, can be charged with direct current.

DC charging stations are often located in public areas. This means you can go for lunch, take that meeting or go shopping, all while your electric car is charging.

That's what you get with the DC wallbox

The DC wallbox is a stationary charging station that attaches to a wall. DC charging stations can be used for both private and commercial purposes. Offer your customers an additional service by adding an innovative DC charging station to your commercial premises.

The charging stations by IES Synergy that we offer feature smart additional functions like a mobile data connection (SIM) and an RFID access restriction.

Various models of the DC wallbox are available. You can choose a DC charging station with one, two or three connections to suit your requirements.

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Safe direct current charging

All the DC charging stations we offer come with an RFID function (radio frequency identification). This feature ensures that only those people permitted to use the charger can do so. Once you have connected your electric car via the charging cable, the CD wallbox is unlocked with the RFID charging card, and you and your electric car will be on your way again soon.

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