Charging Opel EVs

At home and on the road - here’s how easy it is

Finding the right charging station

With our charging stations, your Opel electric car will fill up quickly and you will remain as flexible as ever. Select your Opel model and find out which charging station is a perfect fit for your electric car.

Information about charging your Opel electric car

Not there yet? We will show you the best way to charge your Opel electric car at home and on the road. Of course, we have the technical details of your Opel as well. Simply select your Opel model and get started.

Select Opel electric car model

Our Opel charging stations are the best options for charging all Opel electric cars. No matter which model you have: Opel Ampera or Opel Ampera-e. Find a wallbox that is right for you and your electric car. Would you just like to recharge quickly or integrate the charging station into a smart home system? Anything is possible.

Are you not sure yet and first want to know how to charge your Opel electric car, with what, why, what else is involved for you and how much it will all cost you? Maybe you are only interested in the technical data of your Opel? We have brought together all this information in one place.

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