Fairy Tales of E-Mobility

E-Myths explained by The Mobility House

Once upon a time, when electric mobility was still in its infancy. When electric cars were a rarity and electric charging was a mystery. During that time the fairy tales of e-mobility were told. For example, about the long charging processes, the short ranges, the few charging options or the expensive costs of purchasing an electric car. In the meantime, however, a lot has happened.

As an experienced expert in the field of intelligent charging and energy solutions, The Mobility House has set itself the goal of taking a closer look at these fairy tales and questioning them. Welcome to our "Fairy Tale Hour of E-Mobility".

"Once upon a time..."

Fairy Tales of E-Mobility - Part1: short range

„…there was an electric car with a short range!“

Friends in the other part of the country, parents in the hometown, holidays abroad: sometimes you must really unwind kilometers to reach your destination. Are long distances really no longer a problem with an electric car?

Fairy Tales of E-Mobility - Part 2 Slow Charging

„…a cumbersome and slow charging process!“

Plug in, and then bide your time waiting. But does it really still take ages to charge your EV?

Fairy Tales of E-Mobility - Part 3: Too few charing stations

„…...there was a country with too few charging stations!

The tedious search for the next charging station: Still a troublesome part of driving an EV, or an issue of the past?

To be continued...

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