Your own charging station inside the underground garage

5 steps to get there as a tenant.

Tenants of rented accommodation and parking spots are often reluctant to buy themselves an electric car, let alone an individual charging station for an electric car. However, obtaining a permit for installing a charging station for an electric car is easier than you might think. It is important to provide the owner of the rented flat and/or underground garage with all the relevant information. We, The Mobility House, have put together the most important points and documents for you, in order to make the licensing process for installing your own charging station.

1. First steps towards your own charging station

The first thing you need to do is to send an email either directly to the owner of your property or to your housing management, informing them about your decision. In this email, you should clarify any questions that a property owner might pose. For example: how is the electricity bill worked out, and what happens with extraction? In addition, it mentions the potential benefits for the owner of your property. 

2. Legal requirements for your charging station

With the entry into force of the Federal Government's draft law adopted in March 2020, the consent of all parties is no longer required. This "right to a wallbox" will be valid from 1.11.2020.

For further information on this topic, please read our magazine article: Government wants to promote expansion of private charging infrastructure in residential property communities

3. Costs and requirements for your charging station

So you can start thinking about choosing the right charging station and installing it. In most cases, the property owners will have a set of requirements which you will need to take into account when installing the charging station for your electric car. Because of this, we advise that you only obtain a quote after the property owners’ meeting has given you the all-clear. Moreover, they may be curious and would like a clear indication as to how much installing the charging station will cost you. Otherwise, we have worked out an overview of the potential installation costs which will be accrued. Our knowledge center article ‘7 Things That I Need To Consider When Buying a Charging Station For My Electric Car’ will explain further about the factors you will need to take into account when choosing the right charging station.

4. The installation of your charging station

You can appoint The Mobility House or your in-house electrician, who has already been entrusted with electric installation, to install your charging station.

5. Last check-up before charging

In most cases, the housing management requires the in-house electrician to check and remove the installation – ideally, by means of a certified VDE checking protocol, such as an e-check.

Congratulations: you can now charge your electric car at your own charging station at home We have already collected stories of more than 3,500 installations of charging stations for electric cars across Europe, and have posted Daniel’s story for you on our website. Daniel lives in a block of flats and would like to charge his smart electric drive at his home in the underground garage with a charging power of 22kW. He applies to the owners’ association for the installation of a charging station.

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