Costs of installing your own charging station

Estimate simply and and quickly with our checklist

How are the installation costs for a charging station calculated?

In our knowledge center, you will find a wealth of information on selecting and installing a wallbox at home. Regardless of whether you charge at your own home or in the underground parking garage of a multi-party building - we have the tips for you on what you should pay attention to. 
Here, we offer you a checklist that you can use to easily determine the approximate costs you will incur if you properly install the charging station for your electric car.
Case studies of people for whom The Mobility House has installed charging stations are also helpful in estimating the costs. You can use these to classify which case best applies to you and to derive the installation costs that you may incur.

Checklist: Costs of a wallbox installation

You can download the checklist as a PDF. First, read the basic requirements that must be met when installing a charging station for your electric car and what you should consider when selecting a location for the charging station.
Then tick the answers that suit you in the checklist and add up the score. The result will then show you the estimated costs of the installation.

Bear in mind that the estimated costs based on this checklist will only give you an approximate value. A definite quotation can only be prepared by an electrician on site.

More information about the installation

How much does it cost to install a wallbox on a single-family home, duplex or multi-party building?
Power line sizing, installing residual current circuit breakers and much more:
Loading in a multi-storey building is no longer a problem. Our tips make it even easier:
You need help with the installation of the wallbox?

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