The costs of installing your own charging station

Estimate it quick and easy with our checklist

On our website, we have already posted some use cases of people who had The Mobility House install charging stations for their electric cars. You can easily see which case resonates the most with you and quickly work out the potential installation costs you may incur. In this blog article, we have also put together a checklist for you, which will help you to roughly determine the costs incurred by properly installing a charging station for your electric car.

Kosten Installation Wallox

You can download the checklist as a PDF. First, you should read the basic requirements which must be fulfilled when installing a charging station for your electric car and what you should bear in mind when choosing the location for your charging station. Cross off the answers in the checklist which apply to you and add up the number of points. The result will then show you the estimated cost of the installation.

Bear in mind that the estimated costs based on this checklist will only give you an approximate value. A definite quotation can only be prepared by an electrician on site.