Installation tips for charging stations

We have summarized the 6 most important points
on the subject of installation for you in a checklist.

What should be considered when installing a wallbox?

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Installation only by specialists

For proper installation and your safety, installation, assembly and maintenance work may only be carried out by a qualified electrician who knows the standards and installation regulations and is responsible for the complete installation.

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Reduction factors

In principle, any reduction factors must be taken into account when designing the installation. For example, the charging performance may be affected by increased ambient temperatures, long cable lengths or high bending radii.

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Configurable charging power

With many charging stations, the charging power can be adjusted physically or via an app. The charging power of the charging station must be matched to the electrical installation. You can find out more about charging power here.

Installation tips checklist

When installing a charging station for your electric car, there are various safety criteria to consider. In our checklist (PDF), we have summarized the most important points you need to consider when installing your charging station.
Here you will not only find out which components you need in addition to your charging station, but also receive important details about the electrical connection, the necessary fuse protection and obtaining any necessary permits. With these steps to the right installation and a competent electrician, you are always on the safe side.

Tips for electricians

You are already expert or even a trained electrician? In this case, we have additionally created a checklist for electricians. It is based on the technical requirements defined in the DIN VDE 0100-722 standard.
As an electrician, you can also benefit from The Mobility House beyond this. Just visit our electricians page and learn more.

Installation einer Wallbox Installation einer Wallbox

Bei der Installation einer Ladestation für Ihr Elektroauto sind verschiedene Sicherheitskriterien zu beachten. In unserer Checkliste haben wir alle wichtigen Punkte zusammengefasst, die Sie bei der Installation Ihrer Ladestation beachten müssen. Hier erfahren Sie nicht nur welche Komponenten Sie neben Ihrer Ladestation benötigen, sondern erhalten auch wichtige Details zum elektrischen Anschluss, zur notwendigen Absicherung und Einholung gegebenenfalls notwendiger Genehmigungen. Mit diesen 6 Schritten zur richtigen Installation sind Sie somit stets auf der sicheren Seite.

Find the right charging station for your e-car

Do you need assistance with the installation of your charging station?

The Mobility House offers an installation check for you (only in Germany). This involves putting your home installation through its paces to determine whether it is suitable for charging an electric car and with what power you can charge your electric car at home. You will receive a detailed test report in which the most important points are documented.

Afterwards, the electrician will provide you with an individual offer for the installation, assembly and commissioning of the charging station. After our installation check, you will know exactly how much you still have to calculate for the electrical installation for your charging station.


Installationscheck von The Mobility House Installationscheck von The Mobility House

More information around the installation

Our checklist will help you estimate the costs you will incur when installing a charging station for your e-car:

> Costs of installing your own charging station

For experts: What are the basic requirements for a charging station and how do you choose a suitable location for the wallbox?

> Electricians' guide for the installation of a walllbox

We have collected the most important documents to facilitate the approval process of your residential charging station:

> 5 Steps for your own charging station in the underground garage

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