Why not lease, instead of buying?

As an alternative to purchasing our products, we offer our commercial customers the option of leasing. Leasing is possible from an acquisition price of €500 net. At the end of the lease period, you can conveniently take on the leased product for a fixed, agreed residual value of 5%.

Leasing both hardware and services

In contrast to other providers, The Mobility House offers the option of including the installation service (including individual additional work) in the leasing rate, in addition to hardware (e.g. charging stations, charging cables).

The costs incurred for installation depend greatly on the individual on-site circumstances. For this reason, the price of the installation service is estimated in the initial calculation of the leasing rate. Once installation has been performed, the exact leasing rate is determined based on the actual costs and you do not even need to submit a new request.

The reason for this: a credit assessment is carried out as part of calculating the leasing rate. As the installation service does not take place immediately on the next day and the charging station needs to be on-site with you before the installation service, we work using a guide value. If the actual costs for the installation service differ greatly from the guide value, we will arrange another credit assessment.

The advantages of leasing for you

  • Helps maintain liquidity. Leasing protects equity and improves credit standing vis-à-vis the bank.
  • Ensures planning reliability. Consistent leasing rates are easy to calculate.
  • Enables larger investments sooner. Low rates instead of high purchase prices.

Leasing calculator

Our leasing calculator will soon be available for you to use here. Until then, we have included two example calculations using our best-selling products. The following prices are net prices, excluding VAT.

1. Example: Charging station

Bezahlart MasterCard | The Mobility House   Products:   Acquisition price:
  ABL charging station eMH1 Basic EVSE563 (22 kW, incl. 5m cable type2)   713,45 €

TMH Total price (excl. 19% VAT)  TMH 713,45 €
  Advance payment (0%)   0,00 €
  Residual value (5%)   35,67 €

 TMH-Leasing rates:*   24 months:    33,96 €/ month
    36 months:   23,33 €/ month
    48 months:   18,26 €/ month

2. Example: Charging station with Installation Service

Bezahlart MasterCard | The Mobility House   Products:   Acquisition price:
  KEBA charging station 86.875 KeContact P20 (22 kW, socket type2)   713,45 €
  Charging cable type 2 - type 2 (22 kW, 32 A, 5m)   242,89 €
  Installation Service (within Germany)   234,45 €
  Additional works (typical example)   904,50 €

TMH Total price (excl. 19% VAT)  TMH 2.095,26 €
  Advance payment (0%)   0,00 €
  Residual value (5%)   104,76 €

 TMH-Leasing rates:*   24 months:    99,73 €/ month
    36 months:   68,52 €/ month
    48 months:   53,64 €/ month

  * The leasing rates provided show typical examples. The respective leasing rates are contingent on your credit assessment.

Framework conditions and prerequisites

  • From an acquisition price of €500 net
  • Period: Option of 24, 36 or 48 months
  • Advance payment: Option of no advance payment
  • One-off processing fee: €75, plus 19% VAT
  • Payment method: Quarterly via SEPA Direct Debit Mandate
  • Start of the lease: 1st day of the next quarter (e.g. if the order date is May 20th 2015, the first payment is due on July 1st 2015)
  • Contract type: Partial amortisation agreement with service rights
  • Obligation to take on the leased item at the end of the contract period at a fixed residual value of 5% of the acquisition price
  • Countries: Germany, and additionally on request: Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia and Slovenia
  • The billing services of The Mobility House cannot be leased

How to order your products with leasing:

  1. For each product, select your desired leasing variant (period and advance payment option) in the appropriate drop-down menu
  2. Place the selected product in your shopping basket
  3. During the order process, select the “Leasing” payment method
  4. GRENKELEASING will check your leasing request and carry out a credit assessment
  5. After a positive credit assessment, you will be sent the leasing contract, together with the SEPA Direct Debit Mandate
  6. Once you have completed and signed these documents, please send them back to GRENKELEASING
  7. Once the signed leasing contract has been received, the order products will be conveniently sent to your home (delivery times apply from the moment the leasing contract is received
  8. The final step is to send back the “Confirmation of acceptance” to GRENKELEASING, as soon as you have received the product, or if you purchased an installation service, once installation has been completed

What happens if you have already signed the acceptance record, but you wish to cancel the installation of the charging stations?

From the moment you send the signed confirmation of acceptance back to GRENKELEASING, the leasing contract enters into force. If you wish to cancel the installation, a cancellation fee of €175 is charged.

Any further questions?

If you have any questions regarding leasing, our service team would be delighted to help you personally
Telephone: +49 89 4161 430 70 or
Email: [email protected]

Or you can contact our partner and leasing expert GRENKE directly:


Georg-Brauchle-Ring 58
80992 München

Telephone: +49 89 982934 12 (Monday to Friday, 8 am to 6 pm)
E-Mail: [email protected]
Website: www.grenkeleasing.de

With more than 35 years of experience in the leasing business, the finance specialist has the industry expertise to provide its partners with customised products. In the field of small-ticket IT leasing for products such as PCs, notebooks, copiers, printers or software with relatively low item values, the GRENKE Group, which is independent of banks or manufacturers, is a market leader in Europe. Several locations ensure personal on-site support. The focus is always on providing the best service for customers and partners, which translates into the simple and rapid processing of leasing requests and customer-optimised conditions.