The Mobility House participates at the Global EV Charging Test

For the first time, ElaadNL smart charging company hosted the Global EV Charging Test at its testing facilities in Arnheim, Netherlands. At the two day event, it was all about innovations in the field of smart charging. More than 420 experts such as car manufacturers, charging station manufacturers and charging station operators were present to test the latest open charge point protocol OCPP 2.0 (communication between charging station and back office) and the ISO 15118 international standard (communication between car and charging station). The technology company the Mobility House as well as important actors of the smart charging community such as BMW Hubject, Groupe Renault, Vector, Heliox, TRIALOG and New Motion came together in Arnheim for this occasion.

During various tests with different charging station manufacturers, the Mobility House experts successfully tested the implemented smart charging capabilities which are described in the OCPP standard. This makes TMH a driver of smart charging services in combination with an industry wide standard. TMH uses these capabilities for power and energy management services behind and in front of the meter. OCPP 2.0 in connection with ISO 15118 provides TMH and other charging point operators (CPOs) relevant vehicle and schedule information to further optimize the process of smart charging and increase value for all parties involved. It is furthermore another step for The Mobility House to offer a hardware agnostic load and energy management solution for its customers.