Under the slogan “Build, Disrupt and Connect”, five outstanding start-ups gave presentations at the opening day of the “Startup Fest Europe”, highlighting global companies which also caused disruption in their time. Thomas Raffeiner, CEO and founder of The Mobility House, spoke alongside big names such as Tim Cook (CEO of Apple), Eric Schmidt (CEO of Google) and Travis Kalanick (CEO of Uber).

In his speech, he described the sustained development of renewable energy generation and energy storage in electric car batteries. Reductions in energy costs and in the price of electric cars, the avoidance of network construction and more effective exploitation of renewable energy: these are the advantages of using battery storage in electric cars.

“Good news for humanity. The oil wars are over. The world is going green and we don’t need to go to Mars.”

Experience Thomas Raffeiner at ‘Startup Fest Europe’

Pictures from the event: ©  Bibi Veth and Peter Clausman | Video from the event: © RTL Z Startup Week