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The goal of The Mobility House is to create a zero-emission energy and mobility future. Our technology platform unites the automotive and energy sectors. We integrate vehicle batteries into the power grid using intelligent charging, energy and storage solutions. This way, we promote the development of renewable energies, stabilize the power grid and make electric mobility more affordable.

The technology company was founded in 2009 and operates globally from its Munich, Zurich and Sunnyvale (CA) sites, serving customers in over 10 countries. These include leading automotive manufacturers, fleet operators, installation companies, energy suppliers and electric car drivers.

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Vehicle-to-Metal: Electric vehicles secure sustainable energy supply at Wacken Open Air
July 31st,2019

To make the Wacken Open Air greener, the organizers of the festival focus on green tech innovations. On the occasion of the event's 30th anniversary, The Mobility House and GP Joule will demonstrate what the sustainable energy supply of the festival can look like in the future.

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Up to 60 percent funding for smart charging stations in Hamburg: The Mobility House is also the implementation partner for the ELBE funding project
July 23rd,2019

The special feature of the project called ELBE (ELectrify Buildings for EVs) is its intelligent energy concept, which enables the grid-compatible expansion of electromobility.

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Mercedes-Benz Vans Austria and The Mobility House showcase the most practical path to electric mobility
July 8th,2019

Mercedes-Benz delivers a suitable vehicle, and their business partner “The Mobility House” provides the ideal charging infrastructure.

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Neue Züricher Zeitung, 10. Dezember 2015
Elektroautos im Smart Grid - Weg von der Strom-Einbahnstrasse   

PV Magazine, 12. November 2015
Renault und The Mobility House testen Smart Charging Process

WirtschaftsWoche, 9. November 2015
Alte Smart-Batterien werden zu Stromspeicher

Handelsblatt, 4. November 2015
Neues Leben für alte Batterien

Fokus, 3. November 2015
Joint Venture um Daimler baut Stromspeicher aus Akkus von E-Autos

Stuttgarter Zeitung, 3. November 2015
Daimler schenkt Akkus ein zweites Leben



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