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The goal of The Mobility House is to create a zero-emission energy and mobility future. We integrate vehicle batteries into the power grid using intelligent charging and energy solutions. This way, we promote the development of renewable energies, stabilize the power grid, and make electric mobility more affordable.  The technology company was founded in 2009 and operates globally from its sites in Munich, Zurich and Belmont (CA).

We support our private and business customers on their way to electromobility through the planning and building process as well as the operation of an individual charging infrastructure. As a neutral supplier, we work together with many partners such as charging infrastructure manufacturers, installation companies, back-end system operators, energy suppliers and automobile manufacturers. Our intelligent Charging and Energy Management system ChargePilot enables our customers and partners to integrate electric vehicles into the grid in a way that is both grid-optimized and future-proof.

Latest press announcements

The Mobility House brings electric car batteries to the French capacity market                          07 July, 2021

The Mobility House is marketing a stationary storage system built from Renault ZOE batteries to France's energy and capacity markets for the first time.  

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The Mobility House enables an all-inclusive green power package for electric car charging infrastructure with Polarstern                                                  01 June, 2021

Together with the independent green energy supplier and rental power service provider Polarstern, The Mobility House is adding another holistic, CO2 -free solution for supplying power to businesses and buildings with charging stations to its offering.

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Toyota and The Mobility House extend long-standing partnership                                                            18 May, 2021

The cooperation between Toyota and The Mobility House, which has been in place since 2012, is now being expanded - to the benefit of private and business customers. From now on, they will receive KfW 400 eligible charging stations from Toyota and Lexus in Germany via The Mobility House when they purchase a new plug-in hybrid or e-car.

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Latest magazine articles

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The Mobility House in print and online media

School Transportation News, May 2021
Mobility House to Save California School District $500K Via Smart Charging of New Electric School Buses

VDIV, March 2021
From zero to 81 in a year (German | p. 24)

Tagesspiegel Background, March 2021 
Viewpoint: The electric car as a cash cow (German)

Financial Times, March 2021 
Big Oil well placed to accelerate transition to electric vehicles (guest article by Dr. Alexander Landia)

WDR "Lokalzeit Südwestfalen", March 2021 
Former power plant in Werdohl becomes battery storage project (German)

Fleet Europe, March 2021 
The Mobility House to manage 100% EV fleet for Austrian Post 

Handelsblatt, February 2021 
Those are the energy visionaries of the year (German)

RMI, February 2021 
Cost-Effectively Transitioning Fleets to EVs without Disrupting Operations

CleanTechnica, January 2021 
Fleet Owners: For Big Savings, Plan Now For Electrification 

Energate Messenger, January 2021 
Monopolism as innovation driver for the energy transition? (German)

Automobilwoche, January 2021
Robert Hienz as head of The Mobility House (German)

Charged EVs, December 2020 
The Mobility House’s ChargePilot smart charging system to power e-buses in St Louis 

Green Tech Media , December 2020 
German Startup The Mobility House Stakes Claim on US EV Charging Market

altenergymag , December 2020 
Stockton taps Sage Energy Consulting to help it become California’s first “Zero-Emission School District”

IHM Magazine for MUnich and Upper Bavaria, December 2020 
THE MOBILITY HOUSE – How the young company is growing by offering charging solutions for e-mobility (p. 38ff, German)


The Business Times , September 2020 
SP Group invests in software firm to explore smart EV charging, August 2020 
EU loan for bidirectional charging (German)

Energate Messenger, August 2020
The Mobility House cooperates with the Dutch (German), August 2020
Oslo Airport gears up with electric buses

Stadiaworld, July 2020 
Dutch powerhouse (p.65) / Energy 4.0, 29 June 2020
Electric cars as mobile energy storage systems

TECHNO Magazin, 16 June 2020
Intelligent and scalable. This is how charging infrastructure works at car dealerships (p.44f, German)

bfp Fuhrpark, 15 June 2020
This is how charging infrastructure works at companies (German), 6 June 2020
The 2nd life of used EV batteries, 4 June 2020
Germany will require alle petrol stations to provide electric car charging

PV-Magazine, 13 May 2020
The Mobility House cooperates with SenerTec for emission-free future (German)

Vision Mobility, 14 April 2020
Infineon relies on charging infrastructure from The Mobility House (German)

Stern, 16 March 2020
The essentials of electromobility - quote Marcus Fendt (German)

Automotive World, 16 March 2020
Nissan, TenneT und The Mobility House - E-Mobility for the energy transition

Auto-Motor-Sport, 06 March 2020
Nissan Leaf as energy storage unit (German)

PV-Magazine, 7 February 2020
WAYDO relies on smart charging solution from The Mobility House (German)

Stern, 18 December 2019
Mercedes e-sprinter relies on technology-partner The Mobility House (German)

Spiegel Online, 12 December 2019
The Mobility House enables innovative energy concept at the Amsterdam ArenA  (German)

Automobilwoche, 19 November 2019
Diarmuid O'Connell joins The Mobility House (German)

PV-Magazin, 8 November 2019
Smart Charging Solution for Zalando (German)

Fleet Europe, 5 September 2019
Automobilwoche, 22 August 2019
Automobilwoche, 20 August 2019, 5 August 2019
Smart Energy for Wacken (German Video)
Bloomberg, 3 August 2019
Welt, 31 July 2019
Handelsblatt, 17 July 2019
BBC, 11 June 2019
Edison, 5 June 2019
Audi pursues e-mobility strategy  (German)
Handelsblatt, 9 May 2019
Energy turnaround and required infrastructure (German)

Welt, 7 May 2019
Second-Life-Concept for batteries (German)
Smarterworld, 18 March 2019
Electric vehicles stabilizing the power grid (German)
Energate Messenger, 4 March 2019
EnergieAgentur NRW, 1 March 2019
elektroautomobil Cover 01/2019 
Elektroautomobil (Print), 01/2019
Spiegel Online, 11 February 2019
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Focus Online, 29. September 2018
Groupe Renault #Easyelectriclife, 25. September 2018
WDR Lokalzeit Südwestfalen, 5. September 2018
Werdohler Kohlekraftwerk wird zu Energiespeicher
PV Magazine, 13. März 2018
energate messenger, 13. März 2018
Welt, 12. März 2018
EUWID Neue Energie, 22. Februar 2018


Neue Züricher Zeitung, 10. Dezember 2015
Elektroautos im Smart Grid - Weg von der Strom-Einbahnstrasse   

PV Magazine, 12. November 2015
Renault und The Mobility House testen Smart Charging Process

WirtschaftsWoche, 9. November 2015
Alte Smart-Batterien werden zu Stromspeicher

Handelsblatt, 4. November 2015
Neues Leben für alte Batterien

Fokus, 3. November 2015
Joint Venture um Daimler baut Stromspeicher aus Akkus von E-Autos

Stuttgarter Zeitung, 3. November 2015
Daimler schenkt Akkus ein zweites Leben



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