Battery storage as a business model for energy providers – The Mobility House supports setup and commercialization

June 03, 2024|Munich, Zurich

  • Large-scale battery storage as a key to integrating renewable energies and flexibility in the energy system of the future.
  • The Mobility House supports energy providers in the expansion and commercialization of battery storage.
  • With eight years of commercialization experience, now exceeding 100 MWh, and numerous completed projects, The Mobility House guarantees security and a rapid return on investment.

To integrate the rapidly growing share of electricity generation from renewable energies, a high level of flexibility in the energy system is required. In addition to expanding the power grids, large-scale battery storage systems are emerging as a crucial economic pillar. In Germany, over 1 GWh of battery storage has already been installed, and various studies and government scenarios predict substantial growth to between 30 and 100 GWh by 2037.

The Mobility House, with over 100 MWh as a leading commercializer of battery storage systems, has implemented extensive projects since 2016 in collaboration with renowned car manufacturers such as Audi, Mercedes, Nissan, and Renault, as well as system integrators like BELECTRIC, Eaton, Fenecon, and Nidec. Building on strong customer relationships with energy suppliers such as Enervie, EnBW, Dortmund City Works, Mainova, MVV, SWM, RheinEnergie, and Wemag, the company is now supporting energy suppliers in building and commercializing battery storage systems.

Through the combination of various trading strategies, including Day-Ahead and Intraday trading, frequency containment reserve (FCR) and automatic frequency restoration reserve (aFRR), and the integration of local generation, The Mobility House enables a wide range of applications for battery storage systems and shortens amortization periods. The collaboration and participation of Mitsui also simplifies external financing options if needed.

"The experiences and achievements from the successful implementation of our automotive storage projects are now also available to energy suppliers who want to drive the energy transition in their regions. They benefit from eight years of commercialization and optimization expertise and can thus quickly and safely enter the energy storage business."

Marcus Fendt,

CSO at The Mobility House

The Mobility House offers years of commercialization expertise, as well as AI-based trading algorithms, to maximize the various revenue streams in the energy storage market and simultaneously extend the lifespan of batteries. These crucial criteria for vehicle batteries also benefit stationary storage systems.

Battery storage for energy providers

Whether you're already operating or planning to build your own large-scale energy storage facilities as a municipal utility, get in touch with us and benefit from our experience and trading expertise.

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June 25, 2024

The Mobility House and GESI Giga Batteries commercialize large-scale energy storages for the energy transition in a joint venture
  • The Mobility House and Green Energy Storage Initiative SE establish a joint venture for the realization, commercialization, and financing of battery energy storage systems (BESS) in Germany. 
  • The commercialization is based on the eight years of experience and continuous development of algorithms of The Mobility House. 
  • By 2035, up to 8 GW of storage capacity will be constructed together. The first site will have 750 MW of storage capacity in two expansion stages.

June 17, 2024

The Mobility House ready for bidirectional charging
  • The market leader for intelligent charging and energy solutions, The Mobility House, is consolidating the international topics of energy and bidirectional charging under "The Mobility House Energy”. 
  • With this move, the company is strategically placing its energy business at the forefront and preparing itself for the upcoming market launch and scale-up of bidirectional charging. 
  • Thomas Raffeiner, founder of The Mobility House, will spearhead this as CEO alongside Herbert Diess, Chairman of the Board. 

June 13, 2024

Sustainable power: Mercedes-Benz Group, GETEC ENERGIE and The Mobility House extend the lifecycle of vehicle batteries once again
  • The large-scale storage systems of the Joint Venture between Mercedes-Benz Group, GETEC ENERGIE and The Mobility House are approved for another five years for primary control reserve.
  • The repurposed electric vehicle batteries continue to make their full contribution to stabilizing the European power grid with 29 MW of power and 31 MWh of storage capacity.
  • The basis for the efficient dual use and long lifespan of the batteries also includes the intelligent trading algorithms of The Mobility House as well as the technical concept of Mercedes-Benz Energy.