The Mobility House commercializes large-scale and industrial battery storages for third parties

February 09, 2024|Munich, Zurich

  • The Mobility House takes on the commercialization of stationary storages for third parties in the European ancillary services and energy markets. 
  • Based on the trading algorithms optimized since 2015 and multi-market optimization, above-average profits can be achieved. 
  • With this new service, The Mobility House expands its battery commercialization offering beyond car manufacturers to include installed or planned large-scale and industrial storage facilities. 

The technology company, The Mobility House, is expanding its offerings and will now handle the commercialization of installed or planned large-scale and industrial storage facilities for third parties. With its new service, Germany’s and France’s leading flexibility marketer addresses the crucial challenges for battery storage operators by maximizing benefits while minimizing costs. Since 2015, the company has been a pioneer in commercializing stationary 1st- and 2nd-life car batteries in the European power and energy markets, trading over 4,500 electric car batteries with a total capacity of more than 100 megawatts. Optimization occurs simultaneously between and across multiple markets (multi-market optimization). In 2023, contrary to market trends, The Mobility House increased trading revenues for the entire portfolio by 78 percent per megawatt compared to the previous year – a result of continuous development of commercialization strategies and algorithms.

Lifelong profit through sustainable commercialization

The storage units are not only optimized for lifelong profitability, but warranty conditions and the aging process are also continuously considered in the commercialization strategy. This involves constant monitoring of the operational and health conditions of the batteries, based on extensive experience with battery technology. This approach allows for real-time adjustments in commercialization to reflect the current state of the batteries, ensuring a predictable aging process. 

"Since 2015, we have been consistently improving our trading algorithms in collaboration with battery experts from the automotive industry. Our goal is to realize the greatest value possible for our customers. With our extensive experience gained from operating our own stationary storages with 100 megawatts, we offer our customers an established and proven service."

Marcus Fendt,

Managing Director at The Mobility House

Tailored services through product packages

Clients can choose from two services: "Trading as a Service" focuses on short-term trading and can be seamlessly integrated into existing marketing structures. Considering the current rapid decline in auction revenues in the primary control power sector, asset owners can use this offering to offset their decreasing income. The "Route to Market Service" provides a comprehensive solution, handling the complete commercialization of the storage unit – from trading in frequency containment reserve (FCR) to local control of the storage unit and optimization in short-term trading. Additional customized services can be included upon request, such as assistance with tax and levy exemptions or a pre-qualification service. 

Trading thanks to technology portfolio

The foundation for these activities is a technology portfolio which was developed in-house. Initially, the cloud-based FlexibilityAggregator consolidates the storage or flexibility potential into a portfolio. Subsequently, FlexibilityTrader automatically trades this aggregated flexibility portfolio, leveraging AI-based algorithms to profitably commercialize it on power and energy markets. 

Stabilizing the energy system through battery storage

The volatility of solar and wind power generation impacts both energy markets and grids. To address the increasing share of renewable energy, stationary and mobile storages play a crucial role by storing excess electricity and releasing it as needed. This not only stabilizes the energy system but also helps reduce shortages, significant price fluctuations, the reliance on fossil fuel power plants, and the need for grid expansion. 

The Mobility House at E-World

From February 20 to 22, The Mobility House will be showcasing its offerings at E-world in Essen. Experts will be available at Hall 5, Booth D112 to present the comprehensive range of services and address any inquiries related to electromobility. 

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