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We believe in an energy and mobility future with zero emissions at zero cost.

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We develop technologies that bring
e-mobility and energy together and advance society and business.

With our technologies, we optimize charging on 4 levels

Mobility needs

The mobility needs of e-car drivers always come first: the car is charged when it is needed.

Energy market

We procure the required quantities of energy on several markets and thus achieve maximum savings.

Load limitation

We distribute the available charging power to the e-vehicles in the best possible way to avoid expensive load peaks or high grid expansion costs.

Battery ageing

We market the batteries with particular care and continuously monitor ageing.

Our technological milestones


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February 16, 2024

The Mobility House advances the future of energy storage, exceeding the 100-megawatt milestone
  • The Mobility House surpasses the 100-megawatt mark, strengthening its market leadership as an independent energy storage marketer.  
  • Two additional innovative energy storage projects set new standards in sustainable energy supply.
  • Years of refined marketing algorithms and data analyses secure technological leadership. 

February 14, 2024

Boosting innovation trough collaboration: The Mobility House supports energy providers in developing new charging tariffs
  • The intelligent energy product, eyond Partner by The Mobility House, enables energy providers to quickly offer a charging tariff and strengthen customer loyalty. 
  • Energy providers benefit from the technology company's extensive experience in aggregating and marketing electric vehicle batteries. 
  • End customers can reduce electricity bills by up to 400 euros per year through eyond Partner. 
  • Several energy providers are already persuaded by eyond Partner. 

February 09, 2024

The Mobility House markets large-scale and industrial battery storages for third parties
  • The Mobility House takes on the marketing of stationary storages for third parties in the European ancillary services and energy markets. 
  • Based on the trading algorithms optimized since 2015 and multi-market optimization, above-average profits can be achieved. 
  • With this new service, The Mobility House expands its battery marketing offering beyond car manufacturers to include installed or planned large-scale and industrial storage facilities.