Smart Charging

Charge electric vehicles efficiently and cost-effectively, while also driving the energy revolution forward.

Electric mobility made intelligent – that’s smart charging. Smart charging ensures that electric cars are charged whenever it makes most sense economically. That means charging electric cars in times when electricity is cheap and making use of load management, i.e. the efficient charging of several electric cars at one location within a given connected load. The Vehicle-to-Grid concept makes charging even smarter – the electric car battery acts as a buffer, helping to stabilise the power grid. You benefit from lower costs when acquiring your electric car or in the price you pay for electricity. Simply put: Smart charging saves money when charging, helps you keep an overview of your charging processes and helps drive the energy revolution forward. The Mobility House is completely independent and can help you to find, implement and operate a charging solution tailored to suit your needs.

Load management

Charge multiple electric cars efficiently and reduce your costs. If you want to charge several electric cars at one location, the one-off investment costs for the charging infrastructure and network improvement as well as the annual operating costs for the demand rate can quickly hurt your business. Not with ChargePilot, the charging and energy management system from The Mobility House.


Maintain an overview of all charging processes at all times. See exactly who is charging, how and when they are charging and how much is being charged. Whether you prefer to use an app or a browser, our solutions give you a constant overview of the charging processes and energy consumption. Download and analyse your data to help you make decisions in the future.


Simple billing for the electricity used for charging. The last thing you want for your company is added expenses. That's why The Mobility House takes over the entire process of billing the electricity used by your employees or guests for charging on site, and for your company car drivers at home. A monthly process which is both completely automatic and legally sound.

Integrating photovoltaic power

Charge electric cars with photovoltaic power and get the most out of electric mobility. Do you have, or are you planning to install a photovoltaic system? Then simply charge your electric car with the solar energy you produce yourself and optimise your own energy consumption. This will not only save you money, but will also give you the positive feeling of having done something good for the planet.


Electric cars driving the energy revolution forward. There are times when more energy is being produced than is being consumed. Instead of switching off wind turbines and disconnecting photovoltaic plants from the power grid, we simply use the excess energy to charge electric cars. This doesn’t just reduce the cost of charging your electric cars, but also extends the useful life of their batteries.

The all-in-one solution

ChargePilot: Charging and energy management is as flexible as you need it to be. Using ChargePilot, The Mobility House’s charging and energy management system, you can manage your electrical loads, view the progress of charging processes and bill for charging, and even use the excess energy produced by your photovoltaic system to charge your electric vehicles. But best of all: You simply buy the system and can then add future modules with complete flexibility.

Drive economically – and drive the energy revolution forward while you’re at it. We’re here to help.

We have already proven our potential

Porto Santo

Electric cars support the energy self-sufficiency of an island

We’re helping Porto Santo to become the first island entirely independent of external energy resources. It will soon be using only energy that has been produced on the island itself, with electric cars playing an important role in the process. To ensure continued mobility on the island, preference is given to charging electric cars at times when excess energy is being produced.

TenneT Project

Electric cars can be used as mobile storage to stabilise the power grid

The Redispatch project is turning the Vehicle-to-Grid concept into a reality. Our Charging and Energy Management system ChargePilot helps to store locally produced electric power and feed it back into the grid as needed. This “redispatching” process helps to stabilise the power grid and to overcome energy bottle necks. Redispatching energy with electric vehicles prevents renewable energy sources (e.g. wind turbines) from having to be shut down during low-demand periods and conventional power plants (e.g. coal-fired power stations) from having to be fired up during peak demand. Compared to classic redispatch systems, costs can be cut significantly using electric vehicles.