Charging solutions for private use

Have you ordered an electric car, or is there one already parked in your garage? Then it’s time to think about how to charge it. We’ll help you find the right charging solution for your personal usage pattern.


Charging stations suitable for your electric car

Select the make and model of your vehicle and find the right

charging station for your e-car.

Here you will find the right charging station for your e-car.

Find the right charging station for your electric vehicle.

Where do you charge your car?



Charge effortlessly in your own garage



Charge in a shared car park


On the go

Charge at public charging stations

With us you are...

given individual advice
We value practical solutions that meet your personal needs.

in the hands of professionals
We know what we’re doing – thanks to our experience from installing more than 165.000 charging solutions to date.

completely independent
Don’t tie yourself down to a single charging station or vehicle manufacturer. Our solutions give you the flexibility you need!

offered a comprehensive service
Charging stations, installation, charging management – we’re your one-stop shop for all your charging needs.

ready for the future
We create future-proof charging solutions and technologies that bring mobility and energy together.

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Do you need help planning your charging solution?

Check out our Knowledge Center for charging electric cars

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How charging an electric car works

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