Charging on the go

Whether you’re out shopping or travelling further afield, we can show you how to charge your electric car problem-free.

Stay flexible with your EV

No parking space? No problem.

You’ve just bought yourself an electric car – but your apartment building has no parking space for you. That’s a problem lots of city dwellers have. Luckily there are lots of ways of charging a car in public space. We explain what you need to do.

How recharging in public works:

Charging your car in public places still requires a bit of planning. The main question here is: where can I charge my electric car, and how will billing work?

First of all, you need to register with a charging station operator. However, with the wide range of providers and pricing models available, finding the right operator for you isn't entirely straightforward. Our advice column here will help you choose. 

A mobile charging station for home and away

So you don’t have a parking space of your own, or you’d like to go on your next holiday under electric power? Then a mobile charging station is precisely what you need. Small enough to put in the boot of your car, such a device will multiply your range of possible charging opportunities on the road.

You can be guaranteed safe and power optimized charging using anything from a conventional household socket to a high-power industrial connection. You can find our mobile charging stations in our shop.

Charging on the go: always have your cable at hand

> Charging cables in the shop

AC vs. DC charging: the subtle difference

 > Basic technical knowledge on charging

How much power do conventional Schuko & CEE plug sockets allow?

 > Charging cable and plug types

The benefits of mobile charging stations

A reliable and safe alternative

Even if you live in a separate house or an apartment with its own underground garage, it’s not always worthwhile to install a wallbox. Doing so might, for example, end up causing you to have to pay unexpected costs or may simply be too complicated.

 In such cases, a mobile charging station can work really well as an alternative fixed unit for your electric car at home and to using public charging stations. With the right adapter you can charge safely and quickly at powers up to 22 kW.

Keeping an eye on your charging data: using the NRGkick app

The NRGkick mobile charging station ensures you always have a powerful energy pack to hand, can charge your electric car at any plug socket, and can take a look at your charging data whenever you want.

 Not only can the NRGkick app show and share your charging data, but you can also use it to control your mobile charging station as you wish. It provides an easy way of limiting the energy or current to be used for charging. Smart charging anywhere.

The indestructible 2-in-1 solution: the JUICE BOOSTER 2

The high-quality aluminium casing of the JUICE BOOSTER 2 is not prone to damage. It protects electronic components against all weathers, in fact, even being accidentally run over is no problem for this charging station.

 The adapter recognition capacity built into the device means that it can choose the correct charging power for the plug socket being used up to 22 kW. A practical addition is the anti-theft cable, which also serves as a Mode 3 cable for charging at permanently installed charging stations.

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