Charging solutions for electric fleets

Intelligent and cost-optimised charging for your vehicles.

Electrify your fleet! Let us show you exactly why it’s important and find the right solution for you.

Mobility is undergoing rapid change, as are the requirements of a modern fleet. Digital networking, sharing concepts and automation of processes are shaping fleet management today more than ever. The central issue is the demand for alternative fuels, with electric mobility dominating the outlook for the transport of tomorrow. Be an innovator and launch your electric future today! We will be there to help you with every step on your way.

The Mobility House charges your fleet intelligently and optimises your costs

No matter which or how many vehicles you have in your fleet, our charging and energy management makes charging your fleet child's play. With our intelligent software solution and charging infrastructure expertise, we optimise your operating costs and ensure that your electric fleet operation runs without a hitch. Come to us with your questions: We will support you in the development and implementation of your electric mobility concept.

Ask us today about tailored solutions for your fleet:

From pizza delivery to bus travel, from a customer visit to a taxi journey: we want to electrify as many routes as possible to counter climate change. Regardless of the context in which your fleet operates, we will support you in the development and implementation of your electric mobility concept. With our charging infrastructure expertise and smart charging, we optimise your operating costs and ensure that your electric fleet operation runs without a hitch.


Electric bus fleets

Would you like your electric buses to be ready to run on time, while saving battery power and costs? We have the solution for you.


Electric logistics fleets

Be an innovator in your sector! Get on board with electric mobility now and get ahead of the competition in the logistics sector.


Car parks

Bring in more income over and above the conventional car park fees with charging stations for electric cars at your car park.

What do you need to remember about the electrification of your fleet?

Several points should be addressed when changing fleets over to electric vehicles. We have the ideal solution for every scenario, right here. When electrifying fleets, the following points need to be considered:

Charging infrastructure

The right hardware depends on the type, number, use and charging power of your vehicles. Our shop offers an appropriate selection of charging stations.

Load balancing

With load balancing you can avoid cost-intensive expansion of the grid connection and reduce demand charges.


Professional installation by a qualified electrician lays the foundation for a smooth operation.


It may be beneficial to change the electricity tariff to realise more potential savings in some cases.


Regular maintenance and updates guarantee optimal functionality of your fleet’s charging infrastructure.

Energy solutions

 It’s possible to integrate stationary energy storage or solar systems, for example.


We look to support you on issues surrounding the legal frameworks, e.g. regarding the installation of charging stations in rented buildings.

Our services for your fleet

From design to implementation and finally to operation, The Mobility House are the right experts to support your project every step of the way.

1. Design

  • Analysis of route data, infrastructure and energy requirement
  • Optimisation of charging processes with the help of our analysis software
  • Creation of a customer-specific energy and infrastructure concept

2. Implementation

  • Design and planning of site-specific charging solutions
  • Procuring the relevant components, e.g. charging stations
  • Assembly and installation by our qualified specialist partners

3. Operation

  • Meeting the charging requirements
  • Load management for cost-optimised operation
  • Monitoring and control of charging events in the customer portal
  • Add-ons, e.g. PV integration


Bürocampus mit FlottenmanagementBürocampus mit Flottenmanagement

Analysis of a Commercial Headquarters with More Than 2,000 Charging Opportunities for a German Corporation

„„Thanks to analysis and management from The Mobility House, we’ve been able to reduce the costs for operating the charging infrastructure by 30 percent.“ 
– Facility Management

A German corporation is currently planning a new office complex where an urban workplace culture meets high tech. For construction of the complex’s own car park, we developed a future-proof solution to equip more than 2,000 parking spaces to allow electric cars to be charged by employees and visitors. Through comprehensive planning and review of different scenarios, we were able to significantly reduce demand charges as well as the connection capacity. The results are clear to see. Using our solution, the Group was able to save a seven-figure investment and more than € 800,000 each year on operating charging infrastructure.

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