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Attractive terms and conditions for installing charging stations

Benefit from our all-round support for installing an electric car charging station

Future of electric mobility starts today. Now is the time so set yourself apart from your competitors and secure an attractive market.

  • Huge market potential awaits you
  • Solvent customers
  • Electric mobility as an exciting environment
  • A new and loyal customer base (e.g. annual DGUV V3 testing)

We have the right package for you if you want to start in this market.

How you benefit

  • Attractive conditions for charging stations from established manufacturers
  • All the information you need about installing a charging station (e.g. the installation protocol, checklists, etc.)
  • Download area for installation and operating instructions
  • Telephone support from Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Current answers to questions that are bothering you

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Find the right charging station for your customers

ABL Wallbox

ABL Wallbox eMH1 Basic with a cable

The uncomplicated solution: plug in and charge.

KEBA Wallbox


KEBA Wallbox 97.908 KeContact P30 c-series

The safe solution: for EVs with different plug types like type 1 or type 2

ICU Ladestation 

ICU Eve Double charging station

The powerful solution: Charge more electric cars simultaneously with two plug connections


Energy manager

Charge your electric car with solar power from your photovoltaic system. That is how you drive 100% emissions-free whilst optimising consumption for your entire household.


Load balancing

Charge several electric vehicles at a time and save power costs. Load balancing intelligently distributes the power, and prevents expensive peak loads. The system can be flexibly expanded.

Information on installation

  1. Checklist: What to bear in mind when installing a charging station, including checklists in PDF format.

  2. Installation protocol: Exclusively for you, with everything you need for successful charging station installation.

Information about charging electric vehicles

  1. Overview: All electric cars, including information on socket types, charging power and charging times, at a glance.

  2. Overview: A list of different charging cables and socket types, including a brief description.

Advise your customers, with our help

  1. Guidelines: What should your customer bear in mind when buying a charging station?

  2. Guidelines: 5 steps to your own charging station in a multi-occupancy building, including example email to send to the landlord.

  3. Checklist: How much your customer will need to spend on installation, including 3 practical examples.

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