Charging solutions for real estate and construction projects

Ensure your project is future-proof with custom-made charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

The market share of electric cars and hybrid vehicles is on the rise and there is political pressure to change regulations. In March 2020, the Federal Government passed a draft law on the entitlement to private charging facilities in underground garages or car parks. This "right to a wallbox" is valid from November 1st 2020.

In the studio, our Managing Director Marcus Fendt gives answers to the questions that come up regarding this new regulation. You can find the video here

Furthermore, there is an EU building regulation. According to this regulation, any car park in residential properties with more than 10 parking spaces will have to provide a charging infrastructure starting in 2025.

As a property owner or an architect you now have the opportunity to demonstrate that you are innovative and environmentally aware: Get your property ready for an efficient charging infrastructure. Ensure that the building has suitable connection power and factor in a sufficient number of cables and empty ducts. We will be happy to assist you with integrating charging solutions in your buildings.


How can your property or development benefit from electric mobility?

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Increase the value of your property

Real estate trends include zero-energy housing and property with innovative approaches to more sustainable energy use. A charging infrastructure for electric cars will increase the value of your property, whilst also influencing purchase and rental decisions.

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Use energy more efficient

If you have your own charging infrastructure, you can integrate energy management for your property with the charging of electric vehicles. This will make it possible for you to evaluate the charging data on a centralised and digital basis, and in turn enable you to optimise energy use within the building.

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Living in a smart home

First and foremost, smart home systems increase the inhabitants’ quality of life and housing, in addition to safety and energy efficiency. Intelligent charging stations can be integrated into the home network, protect the property’s electrical systems, and charge up to 10 x more quickly than domestic sockets.

ABL Wallbox 

ABL Wallbox eMH1 Basic with cable 

The easy-going one: 11 kW Charging station with integrated cable – simply plug in and charge

KEBA Wallbox 

KEBA Wallbox 97.908 KeContact P30 c-series 

The flexible option: For electric cars with different connector types, e.g. type 1 or type 2

ICU Wallbox  

ICU Eve Charging station

The strong one: Charge two electric cars at the same time with up to 22 kW power


I would like to thank the whole team at The Mobility House once more for their excellent, comprehensive and professional services surrounding our purchase of a KEBA charging station. From now on, we and our customers will be able to charge electric cars using solar powered wallboxes. We are very proud of this step and we are sure it will help us to develop in the right direction! Thank you once again for your positive contribution.

Manager of the engineering company K3Rainer Kappelar

Be on the safe side with an installation check

1. Book an Installation Check

You can order an installation check for your electric installation in our online shop or by phoning our service team directly.

2. Have the installation check carried out

Our installation partner will arrange a date with you. A qualified electrician will then check the conditions of the electrics at your location.

3. Receive the test report

You will receive a detailed test report which complies with current standards and installation regulations for charging stations, as well as an individual quote.


Load management for properties

A load management system allows several electric cars to charge at the same time without requiring costly investments in building connections. Dynamic load management will increase or reduce the charging stations’ power capacity in relation to the building’s overall load. This ensures that all charging stations are supplied with the highest possible amount of power and that the total load of the building connection is never exceeded.


The charging power is reduced automatically whenever there are any peak loads. Load management allows a significantly higher number of electric vehicles to charge using the existing electrical infrastructure than would possible with unregulated charging. Additionally, the data obtained through load management can be used for billing purposes or provided to interested users for review.

Charge multiple electric cars


 Multiple cars can easily charge simultaneously, despite limitations to connection capacity.

Reduce your costs


Load management reliably controls electricity use in your company and prevents expensive peaks in demand.

The system can be flexibly expanded


Keep pace with the growth in electric mobility with the ability to integrate additional charging stations at any time.

Tenants can use the solar power supplied by your own photovoltaic system

Charge Your Fleet with 100% Solar Power: With the smartfox energy manager you can use surplus solar energy generated by your company’s photovoltaic system to charge your electric car.  

Minimise Your Costs: Your company will use less energy and therefore save on electricity costs whilst supporting charging electric cars in an eco-friendly way.

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