Solutions for the automotive industry

We are the perfect partner when it comes to charging solutions for your site or consultation for your customers in electric mobility

In which sector of the automotive industry can we support you?

The right strategies and charging solutions 

for all requirements in the automotive industry

Car dealership

Fulfill manufacturer specifications with the right, future-proof charging solution and generate additional sales with tomorrow’s customers.

Major customer support

As a reliable partner, we can support you in the consultation and implementation of efficient and cost-optimized charging infrastructure for your major customers. Benefit from our expertise and attractive commissions.

Leasing and fleet management companies

Complement your range of services with a charging solution that suits your customers. We can support you with our know-how in the growth market of electric mobility. 

Car rental and car subscription providers

Offer your customers the innovation and driving pleasure of electric mobility while reducing operating costs to a minimum.

Our products and services

We get you and your customers all set for charging.

Are you looking for individual consultation? We will be happy to support you.

Why choose The Mobility House?

With the boom in electric mobility, the automotive industry is facing complex requirements. A new path needs to be taken, and future developments must be monitored closely. At The Mobility House, we are on your side all along the way. 

As a provider of charging-related solutions, we support you not only as you get started in electric mobility but also through the rest of your journey: we are a strong partner for the planning, setup, and operation of your individual charging infrastructure. As a neutral supplier, we work with charging infrastructure manufacturers, installation companies, backend systems, energy companies, and car manufacturers. 

The Mobility House is a partner of leading car manufacturers

Your contacts

Our automotive specialists will gladly advise you personally and work with you to compile a customized solution for your requirements.

Jovan Ikic Jovan Ikic

Jovan Ikic
Team Lead Automotive

Daniel Asch Daniel Asch

Daniel Asch

Philipp Schleicher Philipp Schleicher

Philipp Schleicher
Dealerships and Commercial Business

Viktor Schaermann Viktor Schaermann

Viktor Schaermann
Dealerships and Commercial Business

Daniel Herm Daniel Herm

Daniel Herm
Major Customers

Till-Magnus Hartstrang Till-Magnus Hartstrang

Till-Magnus Hartstrang
Dealerships and Commercial Business

C Gropp C Gropp

Christoph Gropp
Dealerships and Commercial Business

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