Where can I charge my electric car?

Stay charged wherever you go

Most drivers use their cars to get around on a daily basis. Hopping into your car in the morning, driving to work and then running errands afterwards. Every stop in your daily routine presents an opportunity to charge your car...

At home

This is the most convenient place to recharge. There is no filling station in the world as stress-free as your garage. All you need to do is connect your vehicle in the evening, charge it overnight and just drive off the next morning. The important thing is to find the charging station that is right for you and your electric car. We have the right charging solutions for your apartment or house.

At work

You can leave your electric car charging up with new energy while you’re busy at work. Many employers have already installed charging stations to allow their employees to charge private electric cars. Are you running a business and looking for a customised solution for your employees or for your electric fleet? We’re there to help you.

On the go

A mobile charging station turns any standard plug socket into a safe solution for your charging needs and gives you the flexibility you need when travelling or visiting friends and family. In cities or on the motorway it also makes sense to be equipped for the public grid - just in case.

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Charge with your own solar energy

Charge your electric car using clean energy that comes straight from the roof of your building. Our smart energy manager will ensure that everything runs smoothly.


Charging stations suitable for your electric car

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charging station for your e-car.

Here you will find the right charging station for your e-car.

Find the right charging station for your electric vehicle.