Watch: The basics of Automated load management

Unlocking the potential of electric vehicle fleet charging

Automated load management offers fleet electrification project managers a flexible, cost-effective, and expedited energization process by mitigating the need for new infrastructure from the utility. Are you curious about how ALM can work for you? Don't know where to start? Join Elizabeth Hughes, Sales Engineer at The Mobility House as she delves into the basics of automated load management, including its definition, implementation, and the numerous benefits it offers.


00:00 - Introduction
01:07 - Grid Upgrades
02:28 - Alternatives to ALM
05:28 - What is ALM
06:01 - Benefits to ALM
10:00 - Equipment Rating
11:10 - National Electrical Code
12:40 - Long Beach Transit (ALM Site)
13:06 - Conclusion

This presentation is a segment from The Mobility House's Webinar: Revolutionizing Fleet Electrification with Automated Load Management (ALM)

The technical guide for EV fleet charging

Technical Guide: Automated Load Management (ALM) for fleets

In this whitepaper, you will discover:

  • The significance of ALM systems for electric fleets
  • The mechanics behind ALM
  • A comparison of ALM with alternative options
  • Guidelines for implementing a system with your local authorities.
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